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Alternative Energy

Latest Headlines
  • Nissan Launches 7-seater Electric Minivan
    Electric Cars | Energy Industry | TransportationEver wanted to own an electric car, but didn’t think any of the current options were practical? Think again! Nissan is turning over a new leaf with it’s new 100% electric e-NV200 — a 7-seater elec…
    - 6 Mar 15, 1:32pm -
  • The Lateral Axis Wind Turbine
    Energy Inventions | Wind Power | Wind TurbinesSri Lankan inventor Leelananda Jayasuriya just sent us this concept for a Lateral Axis Wind Turbine. The turbine functions just like a Ferris Wheel, with the blades orbiting in an epicyclical path around…
    - 5 Mar 15, 9:29am -
  • Meet the Strati: A 3D Printed Electric Car
    Electric Cars | Future Technology | Transportation3D Printing is all the rage these days, so it’s no surprise someone has printed a complete and functional electric automobile, appropriately named the Strati (Italian for “layers”). 18 months ag…
    - 4 Mar 15, 11:54am -
  • Green Cars in 2015 (Infographic)
    Electric Cars | Hybrid Cars | TransportationConsidering a green car? These days it makes a lot of sense but there are so many options; electric, hybrid, hydrogen and even solar. One day soon we’ll all be driving one, so how do we choose? And if we…
    - 3 Mar 15, 8:17am -
  • Google Biodome: New Headquarters to Blend with Environment
    Energy Politics | Environment and Sustainability | Future TechnologyToday Google announced their exciting proposal to redevelop four sites in Mountain View, California. Designed by Bjarke Ingels at BIG and Thomas Heatherwick at Heatherwick Studio, th…
    - 2 Mar 15, 9:32am -
  • 3D Printed Solar Energy Trees
    Energy Inventions | Future Technology | Photovoltaic Cells | Solar PowerHow would nature do it? Researchers at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland may be discovering the answer, thanks to advancing solar and 3D printing technologies. They ha…
    - 28 Feb 15, 8:24am -
  • Stay above the smog – try these business tips
    We are living in smog – crop yields suffer in India because of nuclear power plants, the Hollywood sign is barely visible through car fumes, Chinese fashion shows feature the latest in gas mask chic, and fracking sites have become a major concern i…
    - 26 Feb 15, 4:41pm -
  • The Year the Dam of Denial Breaks on Climate Change
    Filed under: Energy News
    - 24 Feb 15, 12:00pm -
  • Cow Manure to Ethanol Plant Switches On in California’s San Joaquin Valley
    Filed under: Energy News
    - 24 Feb 15, 12:00pm -
  • India’s Home Solar Power Systems Market Estimated At $250 Million In 2018
    Filed under: Energy News
    - 24 Feb 15, 11:00am -

Latest Headlines
  • C3 Energy CEO: 10 Smart Engineers Could Bring Down the Grid ‘in 4 Days’
    Democrats, Republicans and energy industry leaders agree that the electrical grid is the most important engineering achievement of the 20th century. Where there’s some confusion is around how to ensure a more secure, reliable and advanced electri…
    - 6 Mar 15, 3:15pm -
  • Plug-and-Play Residential PACE Financing Grows in California
    Property-assessed clean energy (PACE) loan programs for homes rebounded in a big way in 2014, with residential PACE projects eclipsing the commercial PACE market.California leads the way going into 2015, with more than $500 million in completed…
    - 6 Mar 15, 3:00pm -
  • What Happens to a PV-Powered Country During a Massive Solar Eclipse? We Find Out March 20th
    The world’s most sun-powered nation is about to encounter an unusual complication: the moon.When a solar eclipse sweeps across Europe on the morning of March 20th, the moon’s passage in front of the sun will cast a sudden and gian...
    - 6 Mar 15, 2:30pm -
  • US Solar Generation Doubled in 2014, Renewable Output Grew 11%
    New federal statistics out this week have shed more light solar and wind energy’s emerging role in keeping the country’s lights on. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, 2014 saw non-hydro renewable energy generation in...
    - 6 Mar 15, 2:00pm -
  • Known Unknowns: All the Ways Congress Could Tackle Energy Before 2016
    When the 114th Congress assembled for the first time in January, a bill approving Keystone XL was first on the agenda.By passing that bill with numerous amendments stuffed in, the Republican-controlled House and Senate gave Americans some hints ab…
    - 6 Mar 15, 8:00am -
  • SolarCity Launches a Loan Program in New Mexico That Could Fuel a Rate Battle
    AP: SolarCity Brings Loan Program to New MexicoA California-based company chaired by entrepreneur Elon Musk said Wednesday it has set its sights on expanding the number of homes in New Mexico outfitted with solar panels -- a move that could fuel…
    - 6 Mar 15, 5:30am -
  • US Energy Storage Market to Grow 250% in 2015
    The U.S. is on the cusp of a breakout year for energy storage, according to the inaugural U.S. Energy Storage Monitor report from GTM Research and the Energy Storage Association (ESA). The country is forecasted to deploy 220 megawatts in 2015, more t…
    - 5 Mar 15, 4:30pm -
  • SunEdison Buys Solar Grid Storage for Battery-Backed PV and Wind Power
    Last month, we predicted that one of the country’s big vertically integrated solar companies would make a move into the energy storage business this year by acquiring a U.S.-based storage company. Here’s the first. On Thursday, solar (and w…
    - 5 Mar 15, 4:25pm -
  • Solar Advocates Launch a Targeted Campaign Attacking AEP
    The tag line of a new website targeting the major investor-owned utility American Electric Power reads: “AEP: Overcharging you for electricity so they can buy politicians to kill competition.”The Alliance for Solar Choice (TASC), a downstrea…
    - 5 Mar 15, 4:20pm -
  • Connecticut: The State of Future Greentech Innovation
    Greentech innovators don’t work in a vacuum. Turning their vision into reality takes the right mix of forward-thinking inventors, a highly skilled and experienced workforce, and leaders willing to give the right kind of support to startups and es…
    - 5 Mar 15, 4:17pm -

Posted on
  • Breathing Mobile Washer Review and Demonstration
      Washing your clothes manually doesn’t have to be as difficult as you would think. Watch as MissRandie shows you how with the breathing mobile washer.  As a matter of fact, you can wash your clothes much quicker and more efficiently than even co…
    - 25 Jan 15, 11:13am -
  • Electric Assist Bicycle Trailer: Solar Power With Popup Tent
      So you are planning a cross country tour by bicycle, but you have a lot of gear to bring along.  How are you going to make it up those long mountain grades?  With an electric assist bicycle trailer of course!  And where are you going to get tha…
    - 25 Jan 15, 6:43am -
  • Culticycle Pedal Power Tractor

    - 13 Jan 15, 11:33am -
  • How to find true south
      How to find true south Proper alignment is crucial for maximizing your solar panel’s efficiency. In this video, LDS Prepper shows a very simple way to find true south using a smart phone and Google Maps. Other Resources You can also use this to…
    - 30 Nov 14, 5:45pm -
  • Solar Air Heater

    - 30 Nov 14, 7:12am -
  • Wood fired hot tub
    Wood fired hot tub Why go without amenities such as hot water just because you are off grid? If you are going to live the off-grid lifestyle and still enjoy those amenities, you need to consider all of your resources such as sun, wind, hydro,  in…
    - 30 Nov 14, 2:57am -
  • DIY Homemade Solar Panels
    Homemade Solar Panels This Youtuber has put together a great video series on how to build your own solar panels Part 1 Here Part 2 Here Part 3 Here   Materials List Solar Frame Solar Cells Solar Tabbing wire, Bus Wire, Diodes, Flux Pen Slygard 184…
    - 29 Nov 14, 10:47pm -
  • The Importance of Backup Generators
    By A. Page Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, backup generators are essential survival tools for your homes or businesses.  If the power goes out in your home, obvious dangers present themselves.  This can be as simple as no lights, o…
    - 11 Oct 14, 9:35pm -

Collapse, Doomsday, SHTF

Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Posted on
  • The Ukrainian Crisis: A Call For Solution
    By A. Page As the world begins to stack tragedy after tragedy, it can be difficult to keep up with the times.  Why just a few months ago, every headline was about Russia and the Ukraine, and now as the focus centers back toward the Middle East, its…
    - 4 Oct 14, 11:50pm -
  • Russian Warnings Against US Strikes on Islamic State in Syria Shocks Politicians
    Strong words but is it just the same old saber rattling? Read the breaking news article on Russia’s Warnings from the BBC Here Read the opinions from The Daily Collapse Report Here    Many people have gotten very confused with Russia over their l…
    - 17 Sep 14, 12:12am -
  • How likely is our economic system going to crash?
    According to Joshua Krause from The Daily Sheeple, economic collapse isn’t just likely, it WILL happen. Read The Economic Collapse Article Here I’ve even been saying this myself for years, as I’m sure many of you have as well.  But are we chi…
    - 14 Sep 14, 1:17am -

Disaster and Weather News

Latest Headlines
  • How the Most At-Risk Cities Are Preparing for More Power Outages
    Facing a future where extreme weather events are more common, cities on the East Coast are building up their resiliency to power outages. At-risk cities,  especially those on the East Coast that haven’t historically had to prepare…
    - 6 Mar 15, 6:00pm -
  • Wildfires Eat Up Forest Service Budget, Hampering Prevention
    (TNS) — The cost of fighting wildfires in California and in the western United States has skyrocketed, hampering efforts by the U.S. Forest Service to implement fire prevention and forest management programs, the count...
    - 5 Mar 15, 5:00pm -
  • FEMA Agrees to Review All Suspect Sandy Claims
    (TNS) — The Federal Emergency Management Agency agreed Wednesday to establish a process to review the claims of all superstorm Sandy victims who suspect they were defrauded on flood insurance settlements.The move, which applies to sto…
    - 5 Mar 15, 4:30pm -
  • Are Long Islanders Prepared for the Next Disaster?
    (TNS) — A study funded by a $10,000 grant will look at whether post-Sandy Long Islanders are better prepared when the streets are blocked, phones die and the water or snow turns into life-threatening challenges.Sustainable Long Island…
    - 5 Mar 15, 4:00pm -
  • Will FirstNet Become the Next
    On Oct. 1, 2013, the website opened for business. This website was the centerpiece of the Affordable Care Act (ACA commonly known as “Obamacare”). ACA is one of the signature achievements of President Barack Obama. Certainly the co…
    - 5 Mar 15, 9:25am -
  • Malaysia to Join Ranks of Nations with Laws Against Terror
    (TNS) (The Star/ANN) — Malaysia will join the ranks of other countries that have in place anti-terrorism laws when a bill is tabled in Parliament this month.Among those countries that have laws to combat ...
    - 4 Mar 15, 4:30pm -
  • Boehner Ends GOP Bid to Hold up Homeland Security Funding
    (TNS) — Congress ended the crisis over funding for the Department of Homeland Security on Tuesday after House Speaker John A. Boehner abandoned the GOP’s strategy of trying to tack on restrictions to President Barack Obama’s immigrati...
    - 4 Mar 15, 4:00pm -
  • Embracing a Continued Evolution into Keeping Vulnerable Populations Safe
    In 1997, the Douglas County, Kan., Office of Emergency Management surveyed 102 community-based organizations about the populations they serve and their emergency plans, focusing specifically on vulnerable populations....
    - 3 Mar 15, 6:00pm -
  • Texas Lawmakers Unveil 3 Bills to Strengthen Border Security
    (TNS) — Confronted with saber-rattling from the Senate and Gov. Greg Abbott on border security, key House lawmakers on Monday presented a show of force to unveil their plan for strengthening the border with Mexico....
    - 3 Mar 15, 4:45pm -
  • Lawmakers Face Another Risk of Shutting Down Homeland Security
    (TNS) — With no political solution in sight, Congress faces another deadline to fund the Department of Homeland Security by midnight Friday — a do-over of last week’s bitter battle as Republicans try to stop President Barack Obama&rsq...
    - 3 Mar 15, 4:30pm -

Latest Headlines
  • Guess who’s on O’Reilly Factor TONIGHT!
    Hi everyone!If you can tune in, Bill O’Reilly interviewed me earlier this week for a segment they call “Did you Know That?”  featuring some of the folks you see on TV everyday before they came to Fox News!  My mom is calling everyone she kno…
    - 6 Mar 15, 11:34pm -
  • PM Update: Refreezing possible tonight; Partly sunny weekend and a well-deserved warm-up
    The day got off to an icy start but hopefully the sun made up for it, assisting in the melting of some of our major roadways, if not the smaller side streets. Stay cautious on the way home, though — we’ve seen reports of some refreezing in the s…
    - 6 Mar 15, 10:25pm -
  • D.C. photographers capture the mood of late winter snowstorm (Photos)
    Wow. We have had some great photos submitted to us over the past 24 hours. D.C. photographers really took advantage of the snow day to capture the mood — which included anything from playful to plain worn out. Many are hoping that Thursday was the…
    - 6 Mar 15, 8:18pm -
  • Survey: How can we improve our forecasts?
    When we have big storms around here – Thursday being a prime example — we feel it’s important to make sure you are finding our presentation of forecast information easy and clear to understand. Do you have what you need to make your necessary…
    - 6 Mar 15, 6:21pm -
  • ‘Polar’ meets ‘pineapple’: The meteorology behind a unique winter storm
    This has been the winter of some uncharacteristic heavy snow-producing winter storms, and Thursday’s wintry system was unique in several ways. As it turns out, an arctic front and tropical moisture conspired to dump heavy snow across the D.C. reg…
    - 6 Mar 15, 5:40pm -
  • D.C. area forecast: Mid-winter chill in March, at least for today and tonight
    TODAY’S DAILY DIGIT A somewhat subjective rating of the day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10. 1/10: Post-snow travel remains challenging. Temps struggle through the 20s. AM wind chills around zero. Unpleasant. EXPRESS FORECAST Today: Morning wind…
    - 6 Mar 15, 4:00pm -
  • A record-breaking cold morning in Washington and across the Northeast
    It seems like March is the new winter in Washington. If yesterday’s snow wasn’t enough to make one yearn for spring, this morning’s deep freeze might have been. Record lows were set for March 6 at both Dulles and Baltimore. Early-morning tempe…
    - 6 Mar 15, 3:49pm -
  • Thursday’s record-breaking snowfall and review of the forecast
    Anywhere from 4 to 10 inches of snow fell across the Washington metro region Thursday, with the highest amounts in our northwest suburbs and the lowest downtown and to the south and southeast. All three airports established new daily snowfall record…
    - 6 Mar 15, 3:11pm -
  • Snow ends as a deep freeze takes over, numerous icy spots likely into Friday morning
    * Wind chill advisory midnight to 10 a.m. Friday in Montgomery, Howard, Frederick and Loudoun counties * [School closings for Friday | Record-challenging cold follows snow |Snowfall reports from National Weather Service| Region gets more snow | T…
    - 6 Mar 15, 12:15am -
  • SchoolCast and FedCast for Friday, March 6 in D.C. area
    [List of school closings for Friday | Record-challenging cold follows snow in D.C. area | Winter storm coverage ] With 4 to 10 inches of snow on the ground throughout the region and frigid temperatures on the way, many school systems have already a…
    - 5 Mar 15, 10:28pm -

Posted on

    DIY, How-To

    Latest Headlines
    • Our St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas
          Ready for St. Patrick’s Day? If you’re looking for St. Patrick’s Day food, decorations or crafts, this is the list for you. We have some amazing DIY projects and recipes you can try for an awesome St. Patty’s party or celebration. From…
      - 6 Mar 15, 9:00am -
    • 13 Fun St. Patrick’s Day Games For Kids
          St. Patrick’s Day isn’t just for adults, it’s for kids too. Have making your kids fun St. Patrick’s day games that they’ll enjoy and also learn from. Fun party games doesn’t have to be expensive. You just need some creativity and im…
      - 5 Mar 15, 4:50pm -
    • How To Make a Romantic DIY Bed Canopy
        Need some bedroom decorating ideas? Why not make a DIY bed canopy? This beautiful DIY room decor is sure to make your dreams a little sweeter and will be a perfect addition to any girl’s bedroom. Make it your next DIY craft project, a romantic b…
      - 5 Mar 15, 9:00am -
    • 19 Awesome St Patricks Day Party Decoration Ideas
          Looking for St. Patrick’s Day decorations? Whether your planning your party decorations or just some home decorations for St. Patrick’s day, you won’t run out of ideas with our list. Make DIY party decorations that will wow your guests an…
      - 4 Mar 15, 9:00am -
    • Quick & Easy Fabric Wall Art
          Want to know how to make fabric wall art. I’m sure you’re seeing a lot of them everywhere. Wall art ideas that takes just a few minutes to make. It makes a great home decorating idea you can do in a budget!   Fabric Wall Art | Home Decorat…
      - 4 Mar 15, 9:00am -
    • DIY Ombre Paint Chip Chevron Necklace
      Want an easy paint chip craft that also doubles as a homemade jewelry? If you want a DIY project to make use of all your paint chips, try this. Learn how to make a necklace with paint chips. It’s easy and you can use any color you want to match you…
      - 3 Mar 15, 9:00am -
    • 21 Seriously Delicious Green Desserts
          If you love green, these are the dessert ideas for you. These green desserts and recipes will be perfect for your sweet tooth craving. From cupcakes to truffles, I’m sure you’ll find the sweet treat you’re looking for!   Green Desserts |…
      - 2 Mar 15, 9:00am -
    • How to Make Homemade Pop Tarts
          Pop tarts are just divine. It’s the perfect breakfast idea, snack or even dessert. I just love how easy it is to make homemade pop tarts. You can easily customize it to what ever flavor you like. My favorite is peanut butter pop tarts. So let…
      - 27 Feb 15, 9:00am -
    • How to Make Felt Balls
          Want to know how to make felt balls? It’s an easy DIY craft project you can make to use for a lot of craft projects. From felt ball garland to felt ball rug, the possibilities are endless. It’s so fun and easy to make any colored felt balls…
      - 26 Feb 15, 9:00am -
    • 12 Decadent St. Patrick’s Day Cookies
          Green desserts and St. Patrick’s Day cookies, no better way to celebrate this festive celebration. If you love sweet treats, this is the list you should be checking out. Make way for the cookie recipes you should make for St. Patrick’s Day!…
      - 25 Feb 15, 8:45pm -

    Latest Headlines
    • How to Clean Ugg Boots
      A friend of mine found out the hard way that toddlers, sports drinks, and Ugg Boots do not mix well and asked me if I would be able to clean them. While I had no previous experience cleaning animal skin boots I decided to do some research and give i…
      - 7 Mar 15, 8:48am -
    • Fixing a Wind-Resistant Lighter
      Wind resistant lighters (aka Zippo) are a popular item among smoking, camping, and candle-lighting enthusiasts. While these lighters are very durable, after some long term use a few problems may occur. The butane that fuels the lighter may run low or…
      - 7 Mar 15, 7:57am -
    • Thomas The Tank Engine Costume
      My son loves Thomas and all of his train engine friends. So for a costume parade at school, I set out to make him a Thomas the Tank Engine costume. Finding A Train Body I started with an empty Pampers Cruisers Size 5 132 Count box. It's about 20"…
      - 7 Mar 15, 5:55am -
    • How to make bubble tea
      Bubble tea is one of the most popular drinks in Asia. It can be served in many various flavors. These instructions will help you make milk tea flavored bubble tea at home in few very easy steps. The whole process will only take about 10-15 minutes so…
      - 7 Mar 15, 4:55am -
    • Scrumptious Snickerdoodles
      Who couldn't love everything about snickerdoodles. They are easy to make using common pantry items. They are a light cookie and with some minor changes you can create a soft or a crisp cookie. Oh, and of course who can ignore the name? “Snickerdo..…
      - 7 Mar 15, 4:45am -
    • Play Kitchen
      My wife and I inherited my family’s old entertainment center in college. We have been toting it around with us for years saying we would eventually re-do it. After we had our daughter my wife found some things on pintrest and thought “Inste...
      - 7 Mar 15, 12:28am -
    • Make a Pom-Pom with a Fork
      Making a pom-pom is simple and satisfying. All you need is yarn, a fork, and scissors. Let's get started! Materials & Tools Yarn — I used worsted weight Noro rainbow-gradient wool yarn.Fork — You want one that has four tines. The big...
      - 7 Mar 15, 12:25am -
    • MURVV – The Mobile Robot
      For this project we want to use a PhidgetsSBC as a functional brain for a mobile collection of Phidgets sensors and controllers in the form of a wheeled robot. To make things simple we should have independent control of each wheel, this means we do n…
      - 6 Mar 15, 11:39pm -
    • Instructables Wallet Pendant
      Turn your Instructable Patch into a wallet pendant using the 3D printed STL file attached in the step below.The STL file is designed attached in the next step is designed so that you can hold atleast 4 cards(say your debit/credit card,Drivers licence…
      - 6 Mar 15, 11:05pm -
    • Laser engraving machine (Producing Laser Engraving Machine by Using Wasted CD-Drive or Printer)
      Are you still worried about what gifts are best suited for your friends? Do you want to choose something creative to express your sincere wishes? With the advancement of the economy, higher requirements on presents become more necessary. Gifts with i…
      - 6 Mar 15, 10:38pm -

    Posted on
    • PVC Survival Time Capsule: How to make one
        Watch the Crazy Russian Hacker demonstrate how to make a PVC survival time capsule.  This is a simple yet very useful prep item to make.  It can be used as a bug out bag or as a survival cache to bury.  When it comes to a survival cache like t…
      - 8 Feb 15, 1:45pm -
    • How to make a laser sighted blowgun
        Watch Grant Thompson demonstrate how to make a laser sighted blowgun.  He did this project for under $3 but don’t let the cost and simplicity fool you.  In this video you’ll see how you can make a powerful and deadly accurate blowgun.  Jus…
      - 30 Jan 15, 12:43pm -
    • Breathing Mobile Washer Review and Demonstration
        Washing your clothes manually doesn’t have to be as difficult as you would think. Watch as MissRandie shows you how with the breathing mobile washer.  As a matter of fact, you can wash your clothes much quicker and more efficiently than even co…
      - 25 Jan 15, 11:13am -
    • Terracotta Grill: Turn a Terracotta Flower Pot Into a BBQ Grill
        Watch Household Hacker turn this simple flower pot into a terracotta grill for a barbecue. Other Resources Terracotta flower pot Stainless Steel Wire Mesh  The post Terracotta Grill: Turn a Terracotta Flower Pot Into a BBQ Grill appeared first…
      - 25 Jan 15, 7:34am -
    • Electric Assist Bicycle Trailer: Solar Power With Popup Tent
        So you are planning a cross country tour by bicycle, but you have a lot of gear to bring along.  How are you going to make it up those long mountain grades?  With an electric assist bicycle trailer of course!  And where are you going to get tha…
      - 25 Jan 15, 6:43am -


    Latest Headlines

      Latest Headlines

      Posted on
      • Are Payday Loans a Good or Bad Thing for Society?
        With the economic problems that have been faced by America, where wages are not increasing with the cost of living, and where more people are losing their jobs, more men and women are turning to Payday loan companies. Anyone who has ever experienced…
        - 19 Oct 14, 5:34pm -


      Latest Headlines
      • Rooftop Revolution – Sustainable Living Architecture
        Rooftop Revolution – Sustainable Living Architecture Joost Bakker This is simply fabulous. I really appreciate this fellow from down under!
        - 13 Sep 14, 4:25pm -
      • Garden Tomatillo Green Sauce For Enchiladas
        Garden Tomatillo Green Sauce For Enchiladas Once in a while a plant falls over and branches break, especially when the plants are crazy big. We did not plan for the size of our plants to get this big. We have…Read more ›
        - 25 Aug 14, 10:41pm -
      • When Is A Squash Plant Finished Producing?
        When Is A Squash Plant Finished Producing? The natural cycle of a squash plant? If you can manage to get through the squash bugs, and your soil is good, and your plant is producing, when does it die? Well, my…Read more ›
        - 18 Aug 14, 6:13pm -
      • Harvesting Okra. When Is It Ready?
        Harvesting Okra. When Is It Ready? Do you love Okra? Fried Okra? Pickled Okra? Raw Okra? I say yuck to raw Okra. No matter which way you eat okra it’s kinda slimy inside. But we like to eat okra pickled.…Read more ›
        - 15 Aug 14, 8:23pm -
      • Storm Knocking Over Tomatoes What Kind Of Cages To Use
        Storm And Rain Knocking Over Tomatoes What Kind Of Cages To Use? It’s not the first time I have had ridiculously large tomato plants falling all over the place. If you don’t give them a place to crawl and guide…Read more ›
        - 13 Aug 14, 9:36pm -
      • Rain Water Collection and Transfer with Submersible Pump
        Rain Water Collection and Transfer with Submersible Pump Watering with rain water always does your garden so much good. Why? Rain water is generally “soft” compared to the heavy minerals that come from your municipal water source. “Hard” wate…
        - 12 Aug 14, 5:06pm -
      • Cold Canning vs Water Bath vs Pressure Canning Garden Vegetables
        Cold Canning vs Water Bath vs Pressure Canning Garden Vegetables Three Canning Methods For Garden Vegetables When we talk about canning and preserving your garden vegetables there are three different primary methods we can use. All for different reas…
        - 6 Aug 14, 3:53pm -
      • Harvesting and Processing Organic Corn from the Garden
        Harvesting and Processing Organic Corn from the Garden Organic Corn…GMO? We’re not sure. But today is the day. We are harvesting, shucking and processing our corn today. We have noticed that some of the corn has some weird characteristics. For……
        - 4 Aug 14, 6:35pm -
      • Campfire. How To Start A Raging Fire In The Rain And Keep It Going
        Campfire. How To Start A Raging Fire In The Rain And Keep It Going Keep the campfire lit and start a raging fire that defies the rain storm and hours of down pouring rain. Yes…I actually tried to do this…Read more ›
        - 3 Aug 14, 1:25am -
      • Abundant Harvest And Just Getting Started!
        Abundant Harvest And Just Getting Started!   Check out this amazing picture of our harvest yesterday! This garden is really returning on our investment! Yellow Corn, Anaheim Chilies, Bell Pepper, Cherry-Roma-Heirloom, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Pablanos,…
        - 1 Aug 14, 6:32pm -

      Latest Headlines
      • Just 30 Minutes of Daily Sleep Debt Raises Weight and Diabetes Risk
        Losing as little as 30 minutes of sleep per day on weekdays can have long-term consequences for body weight and metabolism, a new study finds.The Natural Blaze team is dedicated to the path of natural health and wellness. But we're not ju…
        - 6 Mar 15, 8:14pm -
      • Why McDonald’s Announcement Is Important for Everyone’s Health
        Fast food chain announces phase-out of antibiotic-treated chicken This information has been made available by Ready NutritionOriginally published March 6th, 2015The FDA Does Not Have to Ban Antibiotic Use in Livestock,…Oba…
        - 6 Mar 15, 2:00pm -
      • Is Your Smartphone Making You Stupid?
        Are you using a smartphone as a tool, or is it running your life? This information has been made available by Ready NutritionOriginally published March 5th, 2015Feds Seek to Track Mental Health Through Social MediaLook Up: A…
        - 6 Mar 15, 3:27am -
      • Is Progress Always a Change for the Better?
        Self-reliance should be on every school timetable because one day, we will only have ourselves to rely on.Granny Spear was born in a small cottage in Devon, Southern England in 1925. Married to farm labourer Ernest, she raised her family…
        - 5 Mar 15, 4:00pm -
      • Is Urban Survival Possible?
        There is a mantra within the hallowed halls of prepper knowledge, lore and opinion that goes something like this. The only way to survive TEOTWAWKI is to find a hidden retreat far away from any city of significant size and live there as self-sustaina…
        - 5 Mar 15, 2:00pm -
      • Sterile Vs. Clean In Survival Situations
        A significant factor in the quality of medical care given in a survival situation is the level of cleanliness of the equipment used. Doctor and nurse team, Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy shed light on this extremely important survival topic.…
        - 5 Mar 15, 12:22am -
      • The Crop Yields Found in Vertical Farming Will Blow Your Mind
        This vertical farm is what community wide preparedness would like. If our society was serious about sustainability, and reluctant to rely on an aging and vulnerable infrastructure for its needs, greenhouses like this would be everywhere.…
        - 5 Mar 15, 12:11am -
      • Is Opting Out of Processed Food the New Eating Disorder?
        Then, it’s time to face reality. If you choose to eat food without chemicals on a regular basis, you, my friend, are mentally ill.Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor who lives in a small village in the Pacific Northwestern ar…
        - 4 Mar 15, 5:00pm -
      • High Salt Diet Protects Against Infection, Increases Immune Function
        A high-salt diet increased sodium accumulation in the skin of mice, thereby boosting their immune response to a skin-infecting parasite. The findings suggest that dietary salt could have therapeutic potential to promote host defense against microbial…
        - 4 Mar 15, 2:00pm -
      • Turning the Scraps at the Back of the Fridge into a Nutritious Meal
        This is something I used to make for the children, usually in winter when the garden wasn't very productive. Granny Spear was born in a small cottage in Devon, Southern England in 1925. Married to farm labourer Ernest, she raised her fami…
        - 3 Mar 15, 5:00pm -

      Posted on
      • Terracotta Grill: Turn a Terracotta Flower Pot Into a BBQ Grill
          Watch Household Hacker turn this simple flower pot into a terracotta grill for a barbecue. Other Resources Terracotta flower pot Stainless Steel Wire Mesh  The post Terracotta Grill: Turn a Terracotta Flower Pot Into a BBQ Grill appeared first…
        - 25 Jan 15, 7:34am -
      • Automated Aeroponics Garden
          Watch this video from Kirsten Dirksen as these students build an automated aeroponics garden kit using NASA technology. The more I learn about aeroponics and aquaponics gardening, the more excited I get about the prospects of the future.  Maybe…
        - 20 Dec 14, 2:16am -
      • 5 Gallon Bucket Aeroponics DIY video for beginners
        DIY 5 Gallon Bucket Aeroponics Watch this video as Dennis McClung from Garden Pool shows how to construct your own DIY aeroponics system. Other resources Blog post on 5 Gallon Bucket Aeroponics from the Garden pool website The EZ guide to Aeroponics…
        - 10 Dec 14, 10:48pm -
      • Hydroponic Garden Tower – DIY
          Watch this video as the narrator from Food Abundance shows how to build your own DIY hydroponic garden tower. Other resources: How-To Hydroponics 4th Edition Hydroponics – At home for beginners Vertical GardeningThe post Hydroponic Garden Tower…
        - 10 Dec 14, 10:22pm -
      • Oyster Mushroom Kit
          Oyster Mushrooms (from the Pleurotus genus) which also include the Tree Oyster Mushroom (P. ostreatus) are among the most widely cultivated and edible mushrooms in the world.  Watch this video as Misilla from LearnToGrow shows her Oyster Mushroom…
        - 10 Dec 14, 7:26pm -
      • Raw Local Honey and Allergies
        By A. Page Honey is a favorite among children and tea-makers alike.  You may be surprised to find that the honey at the grocery store is no better for you than refined sugar.  The pasteurization process, whether it be heated or processed, kills all…
        - 11 Oct 14, 8:30pm -
      • Make Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar In 4 Easy Steps
        By A. Page Apple Cider Vinegar is acclaimed by numerous health resources for many reasons.  Not only is great for your immune system and stamina, there are also an endless number of ways it can be practically applied.  Cleaning, rinsing, and pers…
        - 9 Oct 14, 3:05am -
      • Home Brewed Beer. Yes you can do it!
        Who doesn’t love a good beer?  But did you know you don’t have to leave it to the breweries to satisfy your thirst for a great beer?  You can make your own from home, and it’s easier than you think! Not only can home brewing be a fun past tim…
        - 28 Sep 14, 11:33pm -

      Frugal Living

      Latest Headlines
      • And all that jazz (or food)
        So, with the recent grocery challenge throwdown, I thought it would be helpful for myself if I took a really in-depth inventory of all the food in my house. Holy smokes, what an eye-opening experience!  It took me two hours (including organizing a n…
        - 6 Mar 15, 5:02am -
      • February’s Collective Savings Totals are In!
        For the month of February we all saved a total of $58,182.48!! That is a hell of a lot of debt to pay off! The amounts you all are saving, this is concrete evidence that the Spending Fast and Spending Diet work! We have now collectively saved a tota…
        - 5 Mar 15, 9:59pm -
      • Habit #2: Recap and Results
        Habit #2 focused on a 15-minute evening pickup routine to keep your home clean and clutter free. I'm sharing how I did with this challenge, along with a new twist that I'm excited to try in the months to come!The post Habit #2: Recap and Results ap…
        - 5 Mar 15, 10:00am -
      • 3 Simple Steps to Go Green Without Going Broke
        Ready to try more natural and eco-friendly products, but worried about the more expensive price tag? These 3 simple steps to go green without going broke will show you exactly how to start, plus everyone gets a FREE $10 to spend!The post 3 Simple St…
        - 4 Mar 15, 10:00am -
      • Homemade Mondays week 121
        Homemade Mondays is a series for people that are on a journey to better living, via healthier eating and a more natural lifestyle.  We realize that there are different paths that we all take to get to that place, and this bloghop celebrates that. …
        - 2 Mar 15, 11:30am -
      • What Every Work-from Home Woman Needs to Know about Taxes
        Whether you own an Etsy shop, sell products through a direct sales company like Mary Kay or Pampered Chef, or decorate birthday cakes on the side , you want to make sure your business is on the right side of the IRS. These 7 small business tax tips a…
        - 2 Mar 15, 10:00am -
      • Meal plan for March 2nd-8th
        I spent a really crazy Friday night writing down all the food we have in our house.  It was a lot.  As in five legal pad pages worth. I was 50% horrified at how much food there was, 70% proud that I stocked up that much while keeping our budget low…
        - 1 Mar 15, 1:30pm -
      • Habit #3: Establish a Regular Sleep Schedule
        Tired of being tired? Join me in establishing a regular sleep schedule, and consistently get a good night's rest EVERY evening. Your productivity will skyrocket with the structure of this new routine!The post Habit #3: Establish a Regular Sleep Sche…
        - 27 Feb 15, 10:00am -
      • Store salads for freshness
        DEAR SARA: How do you store your bagged salads? I bought a couple of bags of salad on sale last night. I’m curious to know how you store yours without it getting brown really fast. — Mickee, Kentucky DEAR MICKEE: I tend to purchase heads of lettu…
        - 27 Feb 15, 2:00am -
      • Life-inspired recipes sure to get the point across
        Some recipes are so good that you want to keep them a secret. Maybe you or someone you know makes the absolute best desserts. There’s never any extra, and they’re lick-the-bowl delicious. They can work miracles, too. I bake standard favorites suc…
        - 26 Feb 15, 9:08pm -

      Latest Headlines
      • Gretchen’s $39 Grocery Shopping Trip and Weekly Menu Plan
        Dillons 1.08 lbs Tomatoes – $1.39 1 Green Leaf Lettuce – $0.99 1 Moms Best Cereal – $1.50 1 Mountain Dew KickStart – $1, used Free e-coupon (no longer available) – Free after coupon 3 Totinos Frozen Pizzas – $1.33 […]
        - 7 Mar 15, 2:28am -
      • Huge Weekend Magazine Sale: Family Handyman, EatingWell + More is back with another really fantastic weekend sale! With these prices, all issues are $1 or less per issue! This huge magazine sale is a great opportunity to get a deal on your favorite magazine subscriptions at some of the lowes…
        - 7 Mar 15, 2:23am -
      • 48-Hour Giveaway: Dressing Your Truth Online Course and $200 Shopping Spree (1 Winner)
        I am SO excited about this giveaway! You see, I first heard about the Dressing Your Truth Course from a reader who highly recommended it to me and suggested that I look into it. At first, I didn’t really think […]
        - 7 Mar 15, 12:50am -
      • Friday Night at the Movies – Upstairs Downstairs
        I’m giddy because I think I’ve stumbled on a new series to watch {okay, new to me}.  It’s called Upstairs Downstairs.  It’s set in England {eeee!} and is about a family who takes over an old house {165 Eaton Place} and breathes new life int…
        - 6 Mar 15, 10:28pm -
      • Get a Mommy & Me Scarf + a pair of earrings for just $7.49 shipped!
        Beginning today through Monday (March 9, 2015), you can get a Mommy & Me Scarf for just $5.95 shipped when you use coupon code MSM315 at checkout. These spring scarves come in 4 different pattern/color options and fit kids, tweens, […]
        - 6 Mar 15, 10:00pm -
      • Free 30-day online course: How to Create Awesome Social Media Art
        I’m excited about this! Head on over to Crystal Stine’s site to sign up for her free 30-day course on How to Create Awesome Social Media Art.
        - 6 Mar 15, 9:21pm -
      • My Goals for This Year – Week 10 of 52
        1. Get Organized. The best part about our place on the east coast…. is that there is NO JUNK to organize. Ever. The house is clean, simple and it makes my heart happy every time I’m there because the only thing to do is relax. Well, that’s not…
        - 6 Mar 15, 6:45pm -
      • Natural & Organic Coupons & Deals
        Here are the best natural & organic coupons & deals available right now, with thanks to Andrea from The Greenbacks Gal for compiling them: Natural and Organic Coupons: Hot coupons this week include coupon for either a FREE Applegate Half Time box […
        - 6 Mar 15, 4:12pm -
      • Getting the Most Out of the Free Breakfast Offered at Your Hotel
        The Girl and I are traveling through New England this week, and one of the things I always look for when booking a budget hotel is free WiFi and a free breakfast. I always bring my laptop with me when we vacation, one, so I can stay connected to you…
        - 6 Mar 15, 3:25pm -
      • Free Kindle Books, DIY Taco Seasoning Mix, Organic Life Magazine, Freebies and More
        Word of the Day: Paean  Definition: Hymn of praise, song of triumph Used in a sentence: On Easter morning a paean of praise filled the cathedral. Yesterday was an another amazing day on the east coast! The Girl and I toured the Peterboro Basket C…
        - 6 Mar 15, 2:41pm -

      Posted on
      • Living Frugally Or With No Money At All
        By Kristen Lawrence With electric and water bills on the rise, mounting debt and high taxes,  many people want a way out of this burdensome cycle and would rather supply their own electricity, water, and other needs instead. Even though building you…
        - 26 Oct 14, 8:25pm -

      Health and Medicine

      Latest Headlines
      • Videocast: Around the Cabin #6
        In their latest videocast, Joe Alton, MD, and Amy Alton, ARNP, aka Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, introduce their African Gray parrot, T.D. Bird (stands for That…um…Darn Bird) to live video while discussing medical topics like rib fractures, concussion…
        - 5 Mar 15, 1:39pm -
      • Anaphylactic Shock In Austere Settings
        In a disaster or any other situation that leaves us off the grid, we will expose ourselves to insect stings and poison ivy, as well as strange food items that we aren’t accustomed to. Allergic reactions may ensue in susceptible individuals. When we…
        - 2 Mar 15, 1:22pm -
      • Survival Medicine Hour: Army Medical, Fungus, Bill Cirmo of BIBO Outfitters
          In this episode of the Doom and Bloom(tm) Survival Medicine Hour, Joe and Amy Alton, aka Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, welcome Captain Bill Cirmo of BIBO (Bug-In Bug-Out) outfitters, author of the new book “Your BIBO Number: A guide for the (Sub)Urba…
        - 28 Feb 15, 7:41pm -
      • The Latest “Superbug”
        In previous articles, I’ve discussed the risk of overuse of antibiotics leading to antibiotic resistance. Recently, I reported good news in the development of a new antibiotic, Teixobactin. This antibiotic was discovered through a new method that a…
        - 25 Feb 15, 1:32pm -
      • Survival Medicine Hour: Fractures, Superbugs, Questions for your Doctor
        In this episode of the Doom and Bloom(tm) Survival Medicine Hour, Joe and Amy Alton, aka Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, discuss the Bourbon virus superbug and antibiotic resistance, how to identify and treat rib fractures, and some very important questions…
        - 21 Feb 15, 10:42pm -
      • Videocast: Around The Cabin
          Joe and Amy Alton, aka Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, do a videocast the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month where they discuss the news of the day and various medical topics as they pertain to austere settings or disasters. To check out our previous v…
        - 18 Feb 15, 5:50pm -
      • Video: Cholera
        In this video by Joe Alton, MD, medical preparedness writer and co-author of “The Survival Medicine Handbook”, he discusses a common past and, in uncertain times, possibly future off-grid epidemic that has reached pandemic status 7 times since th…
        - 17 Feb 15, 5:21pm -
      • Rib Fractures
        The chest cavity contains your heart and lungs, organs that could be easily injured if not protected. Your ribs form a protective armor around these organs, absorbing blunt trauma that could otherwise cause major damage. Ribs may fracture when subjec…
        - 16 Feb 15, 7:55pm -
      • Video: Organic Container Tomatoes
        You may know that Nurse Amy and I write about survival medicine, but did you know that we are avid vegetable and medicinal herb gardeners? Here’s Nurse Amy’s video on how to grow healthy tomatoes organically in containers: Wishing you the best of…
        - 8 Feb 15, 8:20pm -
      • Survival Medicine Hour: Cholera, Measles and Civil Liberties
          In the episode of the Doom and Bloom Survival Medicine Hour, Joe and Amy Alton, aka Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, discuss a third world disease that could become a major issue in an off-grid survival setting. Also, Dr. Alton takes on the controversial…
        - 8 Feb 15, 1:32am -

      Latest Headlines

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      • Don’t you just hate it when this happens?
          Don’t suck it in!  Take the Hi5 Challenge instead!  The post Don’t you just hate it when this happens? appeared first on Preppers.
        - 17 Dec 14, 1:19pm -
      • Raw Local Honey and Allergies
        By A. Page Honey is a favorite among children and tea-makers alike.  You may be surprised to find that the honey at the grocery store is no better for you than refined sugar.  The pasteurization process, whether it be heated or processed, kills all…
        - 11 Oct 14, 8:30pm -
      • Ebola: A Reminder
        By A. Page Ebola is the latest virus taking the world by charge and with numerous sources reported diagnosed persons in the United States, its sure to be coming up in conversation. What makes Ebola so difficult to deal with is its symptoms, which are…
        - 4 Oct 14, 11:35pm -
      • 5 Practical Applications of Apple Cider Vinegar
        By A. Page Apple Cider Vinegar is famed for its numerous health uses. It lowers glucose levels, aids those looking to lose weight, and encourages healthy bacteria in your gut to keep growing.  Apple Cider Vinegar is even a beloved dressing, as it is…
        - 4 Oct 14, 11:03pm -
      • Soda Tax to be voted on in San Francisco and Berkeley
          It seems that since sales tax, income tax, property tax, and a myriad of other taxes are not enough to fund inflated budgets of the cities of San Franciso and Berkeley, that a proposed sin tax on sodas will be hitting the ballot.      Read the…
        - 4 Oct 14, 9:32pm -
      • Herbs not drugs: What You Really Need When You’re Feeling Under The Weather
        Written by A. Page The modern world has everyone turning to the pharmacy for cures to the simplest ailments. It’s a lot easier to pop a pill than it is to read a book, but that doesn’t mean you should. Most aches and pains are our bodies telling…
        - 28 Sep 14, 5:35pm -
      • Americans Are Asking Would President Obama Send His Children To Liberia
        President Obama has shocked many Americans by announcing as a part of his administration’s Ebola Virus-response strategy, that the U.S. government is deploying as many as three thousand troops to the African nation of Liberia. Read: Obama Sendin…
        - 17 Sep 14, 3:26pm -

      Homesteading, Gardening

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      • Goats for Sale – 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Goats

        - 6 Mar 15, 12:46am -
      • Food, Water, and Shelter for Everyone, No Matter What Happens
        I learned a lot of important things during my four month course at the Earthship Academy in New Mexico. The most important thing I learned came directly from Earthship inventor Michael Reynolds himself: the importance of building a safe future for th…
        - 5 Mar 15, 3:19pm -
      • Kids in Winter
        I’m driving a gallon of milk to my snow-bound neighbor. I can’t believe I just spent five dollars on a gallon of milk, but she needs it, so I’m in 4-wheel drive powering my way through eight inches of snow that don’t often collect here in our…
        - 5 Mar 15, 2:51pm -
      • Removing Chlorine from Municipal Water
        Two recent articles on have mentioned a method for removing chlorine from water that unfortunately won’t work for many people (‘Saving Water, Using Urine for Fertilizer, and Never Wasting Anything‘ and ‘Ferment Your…
        - 4 Mar 15, 2:21pm -
      • We Have to be Fanatic to be Healthy These Days
        Hello, Marjory. My name is Marianne and I am from Austria. I have been a subscriber to your newsletter ever since I saw you at the Survival Summit. My husband and I have a little farm (very little for American standards), and we grow our own groceri…
        - 3 Mar 15, 9:12pm -
      • Creating Community in a Crazy World
        Back in the 1990’s scientists began to observe hundreds of holes, about 1 meter in diameter, in the arctic region of Siberia known as the Yamal Peninsula. Over several years of observation the holes were observed to be growing, eventually reaching…
        - 3 Mar 15, 7:49pm -
      • Handy Kitchen Substitutions
        Since I live out in the country, when I don’t have an ingredient on hand, it’s not very handy to pop out to the store to pick up what I need.  Over the years I’ve found an assortment of kitchen substitutions that have worked well for me, so I…
        - 2 Mar 15, 2:30pm -
      • Olive Garden Style Chicken and Gnocchi Soup
        Olive Garden Style Chicken and Gnocchi Soup is something my boys enjoy on the rare occasions we eat out. It didn’t seem overly complicated, so I went hunting on the internet and came up with two recipes. Neither seemed quite right to me, so I combi…
        - 28 Feb 15, 3:30pm -
      • Cranberry Chestnut Bars

        - 27 Feb 15, 9:21pm -
      • (video) Re-Wilding At A Primitive Skills Gathering – Winter Count
        Have you ever dreamed of just going off into the wilderness and living free and wild with the plants and animals?  Sounds great until you get hungry, cold, or thirsty.  Uh, exactly how do you do make fire, find food and water, make shelters, stay w…
        - 27 Feb 15, 3:33am -

      Latest Headlines
      • Quabbin Wildlife Tracking Program 2/21/2015
        Coyote coitus, deer beds, ruffed grouse snow roost, and weasel tracks were among our findings in our February 21, 2015 Quabbin wildlife tracking program.The post Quabbin Wildlife Tracking Program 2/21/2015 appeared first on One Acre Farm.
        - 24 Feb 15, 5:58pm -
      • Humane, Sustainable Chicken Farming: A New Tool for Newbies
        A new tool for helping people learn about sustainable chicken farming. Take the farm out of the factory with the help of the film Permaculture Chickens.The post Humane, Sustainable Chicken Farming: A New Tool for Newbies appeared first on One Acre F…
        - 20 Feb 15, 10:14pm -
      • Guide to Designing the Perfect Chicken Coop
        Everything you need to know about site, size, roosts, nest boxes, windows, electricity, and much more, in this guide to designing the perfect chicken coop. Learn from our mistakes and create the best coop for your needs.The post Guide to Designing t…
        - 15 Feb 15, 5:11pm -
      • Foraging for Spicebush and Spicebush Ice Cream Recipe
        Identification, traditional uses, and an excellent spicebush ice cream recipe are featured in this introduction to foraging for spicebush, Lindera benzoin.The post Foraging for Spicebush and Spicebush Ice Cream Recipe appeared first on One Acre Farm…
        - 29 Jan 15, 2:25am -
      • Porcupine Tracks and Sign
        Learn to recognize porcupine tracks and sign, including a variety of feeding signs, dens, and scat of this large, prickly,herbivorous rodent.The post Porcupine Tracks and Sign appeared first on One Acre Farm.
        - 24 Jan 15, 5:08pm -
      • 4 Wild Winter Teas and a Chocolate Drink
        Make wild winter teas with birch twigs, white spruce needles, white pine needles, and spicebush twigs! All offer health benefits, great flavor, or both. Also, try a wild wintergreen chocolate drink. No need to stop foraging in winter!The post 4 Wild…
        - 17 Jan 15, 10:57pm -
      • Quabbin Wildlife Tracking Program 1/10/2015
        Moose, deer, bobcat, porcupine, and grouse were among the animals we found evidence of, in our January 10, 2015 Quabbin wildlife tracking program.The post Quabbin Wildlife Tracking Program 1/10/2015 appeared first on One Acre Farm.
        - 13 Jan 15, 2:10am -
      • Hunting Ethically with Mind, Body and Soul: An Interview
        Hunting ethically for food, for wildlife management, and to understand one's place within Nature: A hunter explains. Read his views, and weigh in on the discussion!The post Hunting Ethically with Mind, Body and Soul: An Interview appeared first on O…
        - 8 Jan 15, 1:39am -
      • The final blog hop
        After quite a bit of reflection over the holidays and a whole list of New Years thoughts and commitments, I've decided that it is time to say a fond farewell to the weekly blog hop here at the Backyard Farming Connection.  Over the last two + year..…
        - 6 Jan 15, 8:00am -
      • Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Years
        See you back here after the New Years for more blog hops and posts!  Have a safe and happy holiday!
        - 23 Dec 14, 1:10am -

      Posted on
      • Breathing Mobile Washer Review and Demonstration
          Washing your clothes manually doesn’t have to be as difficult as you would think. Watch as MissRandie shows you how with the breathing mobile washer.  As a matter of fact, you can wash your clothes much quicker and more efficiently than even co…
        - 25 Jan 15, 11:13am -
      • Culticycle Pedal Power Tractor

        - 13 Jan 15, 11:33am -
      • Bottle Tower Garden: DIY instructions on how to build your own
          Watch Willem Van Cotthem demonstrate how to build a bottle tower garden.  These are really great because not only are you recycling the plastic bottles and keeping them out of the landfill, you are also building a sustainable garden.  By being v…
        - 8 Jan 15, 9:26am -
      • Sustainable Grow Tower: Instructions on how to build your own
          Watch MIgardener demonstrate how to make your own sustainable grow tower.  Vertical tower gardens are great because not only can your vegetables be grown in tight spaces, but they also conserve water and nutrients.  Plus a sustainable grow to…
        - 8 Jan 15, 8:55am -
      • Floating Barge Home and Workshop Built by Teens and Dad
          Watch this video from Kirsten Dirksen as she interviews Eddie Ebel and his teen sons who are constructing their floating barge home. Floating Barge Home and Workshop Teens and Dad start a mission to construct a floating barge and workshop to house…
        - 21 Dec 14, 8:45am -
      • Island made from plastic bottles
          Watch this video from Rose Robin in an interview with Richart Sowa as he describes his floating island made from plastic bottles.  Amazing how he’s constructed it and how the plants and trees tie everything together. Now I’m thinking Kickstar…
        - 21 Dec 14, 7:18am -
      • Automated Aeroponics Garden
          Watch this video from Kirsten Dirksen as these students build an automated aeroponics garden kit using NASA technology. The more I learn about aeroponics and aquaponics gardening, the more excited I get about the prospects of the future.  Maybe…
        - 20 Dec 14, 2:16am -

      Politics: Libertarian, Patriot

      Latest Headlines
      • Chris Matthews: ‘Transparent’ Coverage if Wife Runs for Congress
        (Newsmax) – “Hardball” host Chris Matthews said Thursday that no one needs to worry about transparency on his MSNBC television show if wife Kathleen decides to run for a seat in the House of Representatives. On his show, Matthews announced th…
        - 7 Mar 15, 1:44am -
      • Holder: US Would Dismantle Ferguson PD ‘If Necessary’
        (Newsmax) – Attorney General Eric Holder said on Friday the Justice Department would use its full authority to reform the police department in Ferguson, Missouri, including potentially dismantling the department. The Justice Department issued a rep…
        - 7 Mar 15, 1:43am -
      • Kudlow: Rick Perry’s Show of Force Is Perfect for White House
        (Newsmax) – “More than any election since 1980,” ace pollster Kellyanne Conway tells me, “2016 will be a national-security contest.” And she says former governor Rick Perry may have the best chance to convince voters that he can be commande…
        - 7 Mar 15, 1:37am -
      • Menendez Tells Press ‘I Am Not Going Anywhere,’ Ducks Questions
        (Brreitbart) – Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) brusquely denied any wrongdoing in a press conference Friday evening responding to reports that he will face federal corruption charges. Menendez gave a brief statement in both English and Spanish, then…
        - 7 Mar 15, 1:25am -
      • Court Smacks Down ‘Defamed’ Congressman’s Lawsuit
        6th Circuit tells sore loser to leave pro-life group alone – they told truth (Life News) – A court has ruled in favor of a pro-life women’s group in a case regarding whether it has a First Amendment right to expose the pro-abortion records of p…
        - 6 Mar 15, 11:27pm -
      • Rush: What If Obama Wants a 3rd Term?
        (Rush Limbaugh) – BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: John in Belleville, Pennsylvania, next up.  Open Line Friday.  How’s it going? CALLER:  Hello, Rush.  It’s a thrill and an honor to get to talk to you. RUSH:  Thank you, sir, very much.  I’m glad…
        - 6 Mar 15, 11:00pm -
      • Hear what Happens when an Unhinged Liberal Recognizes James O’Keefe in a Florida Parking Lot
        (Biz Pac Review) – One might think by now that liberals would naturally assume “guerrilla journalist” James O’Keefe is always recording. One might think. The man who all but singlehandedly shut down the criminal enterprise ACORN through a…
        - 6 Mar 15, 10:57pm -
      • FOIA Request for Hillary Clinton’s Email Address Went Missing
        CREW says it never received response from State Dept to 2012 request (Free Beacon) – The State Department may have ignored or rejected a request made in 2012 under the Freedom of Information Act by the watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility an…
        - 6 Mar 15, 10:52pm -
      • 20 Times Obama Administration Officials Said No Iran Deal Is Better Than a Bad Deal
        They ought to heed their own words (Free Beacon) – Maybe the Obama administration should think about heeding its own words. Their oft-repeated refrain that “no deal is better than a bad deal” or “a bad deal is worse than no deal” should sto…
        - 6 Mar 15, 10:51pm -
      • Students Banned from Handing Out Flyers Critical of Obama, Bush, Che Guevara
        First Amendment rights violated at Dixie State University (Free Beacon) – Three students have filed a lawsuit against Dixie State University in St. George, Utah, claiming their First Amendment rights were violated when flyers they made promoting th…
        - 6 Mar 15, 10:49pm -

      Latest Headlines
      • Pope Francis’ Disturbing Cuba Activism
        On Wednesday, President Barack Obama announced that the United States would be changing its policy toward Cuba, opening a Havana embassy and expanding travel. “Through these changes, we intend to create more opportunities for the American and Cub..…
        - 18 Dec 14, 5:13am -
      • President Obama Picks His Favorite Film of 2014
        President Barack Obama revealed his favorite film of the year to People Magazine in an interview released on Wednesday.  Obama named Richard Linklater’s Boyhood his favorite movie of 2014.  “Boyhood was a great movie,” ...
        - 18 Dec 14, 1:50am -
      • ABC News: North Korea Govt Behind Sony Hack
        On Wednesday's broadcast of ABC's "World News," network report Cecilia Vega confirmed North Korea was behind the cyber-attack on Sony. “Tonight, ABC News has learned federal investigators have determined North Korea is responsible for the worst c..…
        - 18 Dec 14, 12:37am -
      • MN State Rep Wants $329,000 Refund from Jonathan Gruber for Work With ‘Beyond Laughable’ Error Rates
        Minnesota State Representative Greg Davids is calling for embattled MIT economics professor Jonathan Gruber, the "architect" of Obamacare, to return all $329,000 he was paid by the state of Minnesota as a subcontractor on a 2011 contract to analyz..…
        - 18 Dec 14, 12:36am -
      • Can Obama Act Alone On Cuba
        While some believe today's actions toward Cuba are within the scope of Barack Obama's role as chief executive, there are others who maintain it's not so clear. Given considerable opposition to his move to significantly loosen restrictions as regards…
        - 18 Dec 14, 12:27am -
      • Juan Williams: Cuba Deal ‘Pig in a Poke,’ ‘Nothing There’
        Fox News Analyst and columnist for The Hill, Juan Williams, argued that the deal the Obama administration cut with the government of Cuba was "a pig in a poke" and that "there is nothing there" on Wednesday's "Special Report" on the Fox News Channel.…
        - 18 Dec 14, 12:24am -
      • New York to Ban Fracking; Environmentalists Cheer
        ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — Handing environmentalists a breakthrough victory, New York plans to prohibit fracking for natural gas because of what regulators say are its unexplored health risks and dubious economic benefits. New York, which overlies part ..…
        - 18 Dec 14, 12:22am -
      • FLOTUS Flashback: Woman Asked for Help at Target ‘Because She Was Short’
        Wednesday, People magazine published an interview titled "The Obamas: How We Deal with Our Own Racist Experiences," in which Michelle Obama claimed it was due to racism that a woman at Target asked her for help to get detergent from a high shelf. ..…
        - 18 Dec 14, 12:20am -
      • Americans View of Race Relations is Worst in Two Decades
        Despite, or perhaps because of Barack Obama being in the White House - many feel he's done more harm than good to race relations in America - an NBC News/ Wall Street Journal poll "showed the most pessimistic assessment of racial issues in almost ..…
        - 18 Dec 14, 12:09am -
      • Rand Paul Has Sit Down With Goldman Sachs
        Senator and prospective 2016 Republican presidential hopeful Rand Paul addressed several Goldman Sachs executives during "a closed-door audience at the firm's 200 West offices as part of an internal company speaker series known as Talks@GS." Reported…
        - 18 Dec 14, 12:03am -

      Posted on
      • Voting Matters
        By A. Page Whether it be state or federal voting, the numbers are lacking.  More and more Americans are deciding to skip out on the polls.  However, complaints on how the government is ran are going up by the second.  Many people have an idea of…
        - 9 Oct 14, 12:43am -

      Safety, Security, Self Defense

      Latest Headlines

        Latest Headlines

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          • 60 Car Pile up on HWY 41/45 (2013)
              This enhanced D.O.T. footage from December 2013 on highway 41/45 near Germantown, Wisconsin gives us all a reminder to slow down during icy conditions. ALWAYS look way ahead and pay attention to the traffic ahead of you.  Give yourself plenty of…
            - 14 Nov 14, 6:01pm -
          • Are you paying attention?
            A PSA worth watching. A text is never that important.The post Are you paying attention? appeared first on Preppers.
            - 12 Nov 14, 12:27am -
          • Should Bullying Be A Criminal Offense
            Bullying is one of the worst, and often times become the worst, thing that can happen to a child. In the old days, bullying was just limited to school but now, with modern technology, bullying can happen almost anywhere, which includes on the Intern…
            - 19 Oct 14, 4:46pm -
          • Are celebrities treated different in DUI cases than non-celebrities?
            With the rise in DUI cases in America, people are now asking, are celebrities treated different in DUI cases than ordinary people when arrested and charged with a DUI offence? According to many people who were arrested and lost their license due to b…
            - 11 Oct 14, 9:52pm -

          Survival and Preparedness

          Latest Headlines

          Latest Headlines
          • I’ll Bug In Thank You
            One of the most basic premises of a SHTF survival scenario is whether to stay put or pack up the SUV and hit the highway.  If you dodge out the garage to join the caravan of other escapees on the interstate, where are you going?  Do you have an alt…
            - 1 Mar 15, 10:29pm -
          • Wilderness Survival: Part 1
            Even if you’re not an avid camper or backcountry enthusiast, knowing how to survive in the wild is at the core of a survivalist’s mindset.  After all, our survival instinct originated from our most primitive form’s need to navigate and overcom…
            - 26 Feb 15, 6:02pm -
          • Survival Gear Review: Leatherman Raptor Shears
            Between three and four thousand years ago, somebody somewhere thought up the idea of having two opposing bronze knife blades slice towards each other and thus the spring shears were born.  But it wasn’t until about AD 100 that the recognizable X-s…
            - 22 Feb 15, 10:16pm -
          • Survival Gear Review: Windham Weaponry R18FSFSM-308
            In the big business of survival and firearms, our time is a great time. Product demand is up; political pressure and societal issues are making people more aware of their surroundings and possible predicaments.  Never before has the survival and fir…
            - 17 Feb 15, 11:36pm -
          • Survival Gear Review: Gerber eFECT Military Maintenance Tool
            The  Gerber eFECT Military Maintenance Tool is a 6+ tool pocket machine designed to service the AR15/M16/M4 rifle. Unlike other multitools, the Gerber eFECT is missing the usual suspects of 1) knife blade, 2) pliers, 3) saw, 4) file…bottle opener,…
            - 15 Feb 15, 8:05pm -
          • Survival Gear Review: Olight S15 Baton
            I think that it is safe to assume that a lot people reading this have that one item that not only becomes another item among your supplies, but an obsession to collect. For me, that item is flashlights. I love flashlights. I have had an assortment of…
            - 10 Feb 15, 12:58pm -
          • 7 Tips For Your Bug Out Bag
            Yea, I know, another BOB post. You have it all squared away, but do you really?  I like to think of my pack as a multi-scenario item. Call it a GHB (Get Home Bag), GOOD bag (Get Out of Dodge) or INCH bag ( I’m Never Coming Home ) or just a plain o…
            - 6 Feb 15, 11:52am -
          • Survival Debate: .308 Win vs. .223 Rem
            Our “9mm vs. 45” Survival debate was a popular one, so we’re going to take it one step further and go to the ultimate U.S. Military assault rifle comparison: the great .223 Remington, (NATO designation 5.56x45mm) vs. the stalwart .308 Wincheste…
            - 2 Feb 15, 1:00pm -
          • Survival Gear Review: Helio Pressure Shower
            If you are like me, the biggest luxury you will miss when the SHTF is a nice hot shower, that and a toilet that flushes.  I do a fair amount of backwoods camping and fishing in the Rocky Mountains, so going without a shower is something that I do of…
            - 30 Jan 15, 8:35pm -
          • Book Review: The Evolution Of The Black Rifle
            If you are like me and love the AR-15 platform, then you should consider reading the new book by Jeff Zimba called The Evolution of the Black Rifle: 20 Years of Upgrades and Accessories.  As you can infer from the title, the book was written with 20…
            - 28 Jan 15, 3:45pm -

          Posted on
          • PVC Survival Time Capsule: How to make one
              Watch the Crazy Russian Hacker demonstrate how to make a PVC survival time capsule.  This is a simple yet very useful prep item to make.  It can be used as a bug out bag or as a survival cache to bury.  When it comes to a survival cache like t…
            - 8 Feb 15, 1:45pm -
          • How to cut a rope with a rope
            Watch this video as the Crazy Russian Hacker demonstrates how to cut a rope with a rope.  Now if you ever find yourself in a survival situation and needing rope with no knife or other sharp tools, you can use this trick to cut your rope. Other Reso…
            - 4 Jan 15, 11:55am -
          • How to make a skivvy roll
              Watch as the Crazy Russian Hacker demonstrates how to make a Skivvy Roll. Why is it important to know how to make a Skivvy Roll? When packing your bug out bag, space is extremely important and should be maximized to its fullest potential.  You on…
            - 21 Dec 14, 2:03am -
          • Zip Ties for Survival
              If anything can be a strong contender against duct tape and w-d 40 for the worlds best fix-all then it’s gotta be zip ties.  Watch as Sensible Prepper demonstrates 19 uses and 5 tricks using zip ties for survival Other resources 3 Ways to es…
            - 20 Dec 14, 2:36pm -
          • Man Rescued from Burning Home In Fresno
              Watch this amazing act of courage as this man runs into a burning home to rescue an elderly man.  It’s stories like this that help restore our faith in humanity.         Video:  Man Rescued From Burning Home In FresnoThe post Man Rescued…
            - 19 Oct 14, 7:01pm -
          • Should Survival Skills Be Taught To Children In School?
            The debate on the existing education system has been raging for quite some time now. On one hand, it is true that school education teaches a lot of valuable knowledge that serves as a foundation for higher education with subjects such as math, readin…
            - 19 Oct 14, 4:17pm -
          • The Importance of Backup Generators
            By A. Page Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, backup generators are essential survival tools for your homes or businesses.  If the power goes out in your home, obvious dangers present themselves.  This can be as simple as no lights, o…
            - 11 Oct 14, 9:35pm -
          • Are you a Prepper or Survivalist?
            I get asked this question a lot.  But what people are really asking is “What really is a prepper, is that the same thing as a survivalist?” A prepper, by definition, is someone who prepares.  Nothing more, nothing less. It’s that simple. But…
            - 11 Oct 14, 7:22pm -

          Wilderness Survival

          Latest Headlines

          Latest Headlines

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            • Start a fire with magic relighting candles
                Watch The Crazy Russian Hacker demonstrate how to start a fire with magic relighting candles.   The reason these candles relight so easily is because of the magnesium in the wick. Of course you’ll have to light the candle first, but that’s a…
              - 23 Dec 14, 12:21pm -
            • How to build a bushcraft chair
                Whether it’s camping, hiking, hunting or wilderness survival, sometimes it just feels good to have a nice rest in a chair rather than sitting on rocks or on the ground.  Who says you can’t enjoy some of the comforts of home even in the wilder…
              - 19 Dec 14, 1:18pm -

            Ed That Matters

            Survival Podcast

            • newTSP Directory Feature: Individual Insurrection
              TweetIndividual Insurrection This weekend I am going to share another great business right out of the TSP Business Directory. Individual Insurrection is designed to help you put Jack’s marketing principles into action so you can start running a suc…
              - 18 hours ago 25 Feb 17, 3:33pm -
            • Episode-27- TSP Rewind – The Why, What and How of Modern Homesteading
              TweetToday is an episode of TSP Rewind, commercial free versions of past podcast episodes. Today’s episode was originally, Episode-1002- The Why, What and How of Modern Homesteading and originally aired on Oct 19, 2012. The notes below are the orig…
              - 2 days ago 24 Feb 17, 2:00pm -
            • Episode-26- TSP Rewind – Steven Harris on Bio Fuels for Personal Energy Independence
              TweetToday is an episode of TSP Rewind, commercial free versions of past podcast episodes. Today’s episode was originally, Episode-707- Steven Harris on Bio Fuels for Personal Energy Independence and aired first on July 21st 2011 . The notes below…
              - 3 days ago 23 Feb 17, 3:35pm -
            • Episode-1958- Gary Collins on Off Grid Living
              TweetGary Collins, MS was raised in the High Desert at the basin of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in a remote part of California. Gary enjoyed, and considers himself lucky to have grown up in a very small town experiencing … Continue reading →
              - 4 days ago 22 Feb 17, 8:54pm -
            • Maxboost International Travel Adapter Kit – Item of the Day
              TweetEvery day I bring you an item on Amazon that I personally use or has been purchased by many members of the audience and I have researched enough to recommend. Today’s TSP Amazon Item of the day is the Maxboost … Continue reading →
              - 4 days ago 22 Feb 17, 4:39pm -

            Modern Survival Blog

            • newWhat did you do for your preparedness this week? (2017-2-25)
              I couldn’t resist taking this picture comparing 9mm ammo with 45-70 ammo for my ‘big bore’ Marlin 1895SBL Lever Action 😉   This weekly post is an open-forum (any topic) to voice your thoughts, opinions, or questions for others. Lets hear ab…
              - 23 hours ago 25 Feb 17, 11:00am -
            • 10 Tips To Camouflage Movements And Evasion
              Here are a few tips regarding camouflage and movements during evasion or otherwise… Add you own tips to the list below:   1. Avoid being directly seen by ‘the enemy’ or detection devices. Be aware of direct lines of sight between you and ‘th…
              - 2 days ago 24 Feb 17, 7:42pm -
            • Hand Warmers And Foot Warmers For Your 72-Hour Survival Kit
              We have a number of articles here with suggestions for what to keep in a 72-hour survival kit designed to be kept in your vehicle for ‘just in case’. A few of those articles are here: 72-Hour Emergency Kit How To Choose The Best Foods For A 72-Ho…
              - 2 days ago 24 Feb 17, 3:33pm -

            Preparing for SHTF

            • 15 Survival Uses for Pipe Cleaners
              Besides the intended use, which is to clean your smoking pipes or other small bores there are other uses for pipe cleaners in a survival and in other situations. They are inexpensive, come in various colors and sizes and they take up little room and…
              - 2 days ago 24 Feb 17, 3:25pm -
            • Mountain Biking Getting A Kit Together
              Mountain biking, just the thought of it conjures up images of Rough Mountain trails, crisp pine scented air, and spectacular views. In many cases, the reality will match your imagination. However, there is another reality you may have to deal with al…
              - 5 days ago 21 Feb 17, 3:56pm -
            • Common Deadly Water Purification Mistakes
              Filtration is important and sometimes is overlooked or abandoned completely because the water source looks clear, so this can be a serious mistake. Filtration is an important step in the purification process. Micro waterborne cysts cannot be easily s…
              - 8 days ago 18 Feb 17, 2:40pm -
            • After The SHTF What’s Next
              We have always emphasized that preparing for the days after is as important or even more so than the preparations leading up to a crisis, providing you have advanced warning, of course. Imagine being told that a dam near your community may collapse a…
              - 9 days ago 17 Feb 17, 12:48am -
            • 12 Survival and Other Uses for Lemons/Lemon Juice
              Fresh lemons may very well be hard to get a hold of during a crisis unless you live in an area that has mature lemon trees. If you do live in an area that can sustain lemon trees then why not plant one or more if you have the space. You can stock up…
              - 10 days ago 16 Feb 17, 12:29am -

            Backdoor Survival

            • Healing Herbs: What You Need to Know About Comfrey
              Late last year, I set up a poll asking about herbs. More specifically, I asked the question "Name herbs you would like to learn more about relative to wellness and healthcare". There were close to one hundred responses with the clear leader being Co…
              - 1 day ago 25 Feb 17, 8:00am -
            • 16 Reasons Why a Second Great Depression Will Be Different
              It is no secret that prepper-types use the Great Depression as an example of what can and will happen when the stuff hits the fan. We do this because the possibility of a national or even a global economic collapse is something we prepare for.Learn…
              - 4 days ago 22 Feb 17, 8:00am -
            • Is Prepping a Monkey On Your Back?
              At one time or another, every prepper on the planet has asked themselves whether they have taken things too far. Has their passion for preparedness gone too far? Has it taken over daily life in such a way that every trip to the store involves scout…
              - 8 days ago 18 Feb 17, 8:00am -
            • Catching, Cleaning, and Cooking Fish for Survival
              When you think about being out in the woods, what do you envision as a staple meal? Do you see yourself sitting by the fire roasting some fresh venison on a spit? Maybe you live in an area with a great deal of waterfowl, and you can see yourself enjo…
              - 11 days ago 15 Feb 17, 8:00am -
            • What Type of Prepper Are You?
              When disaster strikes, a lot of things happen. There are people fleeing the area, people rushing into the area to help, people in shock who can’t figure out what to do, people who jump into action right away — and the list goes on. Everybody is d…
              - 15 days ago 11 Feb 17, 8:00am -

            The Survival Mom

            • SHTF Healthcare: The Amazing Benefits of Photo Light Therapy
              As a nurse, I am always looking for alternative methods of healing. Should we have a natural disaster, societal unrest, or pandemic, I want to find ways of taking care of my family’s medical needs. In those types of scenarios, a hospital itself c…
              - 2 days ago 24 Feb 17, 2:55pm -
            • Cold Weather Survival: Survive in a Stranded Car
              I’ve experienced that gut-jolting feeling more than once, and you have too. You turn the key to your car expecting to hear the roar of the engine…and…nothing. Or, you’re cruising along the highway when you notice that the gas pedal isn’t qu…
              - 4 days ago 22 Feb 17, 5:58pm -
            • 13 Things My Kids Have Learned From Running a Farmers Market Business
              For the past two summers, my 3 children and I have operated a table at a small local farmer’s market. Each week we work together to haul in eggs and produce, set up our display, and answer questions. We sell our products for about 3 hours each day.…
              - 11 days ago 15 Feb 17, 5:45pm -
            • Do You Know How to Clean Up a Biological Mess?
              Just before Christmas, my family and I were shopping at a local big box store. Near the dressing rooms, my daughter spotted a young man totally passed out on the carpeted aisle, with a pile of vomit nearby. Since that’s not a normal thing, we immed…
              - 20 days ago 6 Feb 17, 7:17pm -
            • 20 Crock Pot Tips for the Winter
              There is nothing better than ending a cool winter day than with a bowl of something cooked in a crock pot. In our home, we adore our crock pots, all four of them. There is always one on the counter top ready to go. The soups and stews are always a bi…
              - 24 days ago 1 Feb 17, 11:12pm -

            Survival Blog

            • newNotes for Sunday – February 26, 2017
              This day, February 26, is the birthday of Major-General Orde Charles Wingate (born, 1903, died 24 March 1944), an eccentric British Army officer who organized special military units in Palestine in the 1930s, and in Abyssinia, Sudan, and Burma during…
              - 4 hours ago 26 Feb 17, 5:57am -
            • newHousehold Basics in TEOTWAWKI- Part 4, by Sarah Latimer
              The Physical Properties and Application I’m concerned about having yeast readily available in TEOTWAWKI. I like having dry yeast readily available by the measurable spoonful, and so I buy it in one pound bricks and then store it in a sealed quart M…
              - 4 hours ago 26 Feb 17, 5:56am -
            • newLetter Re: Metal Value of US Coins
              Mr. Latimer: There’s a curious development in metal prices. Because of the recent strength in the zinc price and relative weakness in copper and nickel prices, it is the case that $1000 face value of “new” pennies (post-1982) is worth more than…
              - 4 hours ago 26 Feb 17, 5:54am -
            • newEconomics and Investing:
              POWERFUL GOLD & SILVER COILED SPRINGS: Important Charts You Have To See o o o 28 Conservative/Libertarian Law Profs Demand That AALS Address Political Imbalance Of Law School Faculties o o o CASHLESS SOCIETY Expands to Taiwan! Ban on Cash for Large P…
              - 4 hours ago 26 Feb 17, 5:54am -
            • newOdds ‘n Sods:
              SurvivalBlog readers wrote in with some answers on where to find the adjustable glasses mentioned yesterday. Home Depot First Street Online Buy Dial Vision Dr. Leonard’s catalog Note that not all of these adjustable glasses are like those described…
              - 4 hours ago 26 Feb 17, 5:53am -

            The Survivalist Blog

            • The Prepper’s Do It Yourself Fishing Kit
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              - 2 days ago 24 Feb 17, 4:07pm -
            • What did you do to prep this week…
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              - 2 days ago 24 Feb 17, 3:46pm -
            • Prepper News Brief Feb 24, 2017
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              - 2 days ago 24 Feb 17, 3:12pm -
            • Preparing for Power Blackouts – Plan Ahead and You Can Weather Any Storm
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              - 4 days ago 22 Feb 17, 3:08pm -
            • Conflicted Wednesday – Nuclear Fallout Deck
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              - 4 days ago 22 Feb 17, 2:47pm -

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