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  • Why the largest group of American corporate bonds is a notch above junk
    BY HIS own account Christopher Hitchens, an author who died in 2011, was a poor student. He left Oxford with a third-class degree. This was not for want of ability. Hitchens would become a prolific essayist and fearsome debater. Rather, it was a c…
    - 7 days ago 9 Aug 18, 2:50pm -
  • Is China losing the trade war against America?
    WHEN Donald Trump tweeted on August 5th that tariffs were working “big time”, American media sprang into action to test the claim (see article). In China, editors were more circumspect. No major Chinese-language newspaper reported his tweets.…
    - 7 days ago 9 Aug 18, 2:50pm -
  • Tariffs on steel and aluminium are creating some winners
    Flame warsDONALD TRUMP credits the tariffs he has imposed on steel and aluminium imports, and on a range of Chinese products, with almost magical potency. Either they will force other countries to drop trade barriers and crown him as dealmaker-in…
    - 7 days ago 9 Aug 18, 2:50pm -
  • Why is macroeconomics so hard to teach?
    LAST month Nick Rowe had a bad dream. It was five minutes before the first class of the autumn term at Carleton University in Ottawa, where he has long taught macroeconomics. But he could not find the classroom. Then he woke up and remembered with…
    - 7 days ago 9 Aug 18, 2:50pm -
  • Factor-based investing spreads from stocks to bonds
    COMPARED with equity investing, bond investing can seem stuck in the dark ages. As hedge funds and asset managers use whizzy algorithms to trade shares automatically, bond-fund managers still often call traders by phone. So when new investing stra…
    - 7 days ago 9 Aug 18, 2:50pm -