Here is the perfect domain for your survival or preparedness website

Have you been wanting to start your own survival or preparedness website but can’t find the right domain? Or maybe you already have a survival web store but want better SEO and more clicks. Well, look no further! I have a few prized domain names that I am willing to let go.

These domains are now being released for the first time to the public through Godaddy.com for auction.

Just click on the domains below to get your bids in now. Please note, the links do not go to the actual domains, they link to their respective godaddy auction pages. Use the buy now feature to secure your domain right now before they are gone.

  • AmericanSurvivalStore.com Looking to start a survival or preparedness site in the US? This is the perfect domain for you! Bids start at $300, or use the buy it now feature to start building your store today!
  • DoomsdayPreppers.org Have an idea for survival or preparedness community geared toward doomsday or apocalyptic survival? Then snatch up this premium domain today!
  • HowToSurviveA.com This domain is meant for SEO. Easily match your URL’s with your subject titles for each blog post. For example The URL for “How To Survive A Tornado” would be HowToSurviveA.com/Tornado. The Bids start at $200
  • LibertarianSurvival.com Want to reach a libertarian political niche for your survival website? Try this one. Ideal for discussing both survival and political topics. Buy it now, or put in your bid starting at $200 *Note, this domain also has a Facebook page that goes along with it. If you want the facebook page too, email me at Tom (at) preppers.org
  • PrepperBlog.com Probably the single most successful survival niche blog on the web is SurvivalBlog.com. Now you can reach preppers with your own PrepperBlog.com. Starting bid is $300 or you can buy it now and start blogging today.
  • PrepperForum.com This is the perfect domain to build a Prepper community. Start with a simple forum and build your niche list of new preppers as they join your forum. Starting bid is $300. Or you can buy it now and get it before someone else does.
  • PrepperStore.com Have an idea for a survival store? It’s too bad you can’t get SurvivalStore.com because it’s already taken (and it’s worth over $6,000!) But you can get PrepperStore.com Starting bid is only $500, or you can buy it now and get ahead of your competition by building your store today!
  • PrepperVideos.com Probably one of the best domains you can get for a survival and preparedness video blog, video archive, or to showcase your youtube channel.
  • Prepper.TV This is the granddaddy of them all. You can’t get a shorter single word prepper domain than this. Perfect for SEO, starting your own prepper TV show, video archive, youtube channel, or any type of content. There is no limit to the amount of survival and preparedness content you can do with this domain. Get it now before it’s gone!