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APN Radio

  • What You Should Do If Your Vacation Destination Is Affected by a Natural Disaster
    What You Should Do If Your Vacation Destination Is Affected by a Natural Disaster   Nobody wants to think about natural disasters when planning a vacation … and all too often, people don’t. You’ve chosen to travel when the weather’s best, wh…
    - 4 days ago 21 Jan 20, 6:13pm -
  • The Virginia Rally: Realtime Boots on the Ground
    Photo Credit: Gabby Orcutt (To listen in on chatter during the event, be sure to join the channel on Zello or Discord. Also, VA State Capitol Alerts)   The line in the sand has been drawn. You stand on one side or the other. A cyclone fence is all t…
    - 5 days ago 20 Jan 20, 6:08am -
  • We are the Whirlwind
      Precious is the time we have together. The time on this earth. Its but a short dance in the scorching and cynical sun. “The days are long and the years or short?” Says the man who made me. We run from the moon because scientists are looking fo…
    - 22 days ago 3 Jan 20, 5:30pm -
  • Best Walkie-Talkies To Use In An Urban SHTF Situation
    As climate change drives up the frequency of natural disasters and rising divisions in the nation lead to an increase in urban violence, SHTF situations have become more common recently. Having proper communication is absolutely necessary during thes…
    - 38 days ago 17 Dec 19, 9:06pm -
  • Our Cause and Our Coffee: Disaster Coffee
      I’d rather take coffee than compliments just now. Louisa May Alcott If the evolution of a prepper or survivalist is not to teach and aid in disaster recovery, then what are we doing? Is prepping merely a blind struggle to keep you and yours safe…
    - 48 days ago 8 Dec 19, 10:09am -