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  • Make your own Apple Cider Vinegar: Surprising uses and benefits
      When you are eating apples, you probably never think of other amazing things, you can do with them. Well, you can do a lot with apples; you can make apple pies, apple juice, apple cider, apple syrup, and apple cider vinegar. Making your own apple…
    - 4 days ago 12 Sep 19, 3:42pm -
  • How to Help the Homelss During a Disaster
    By Indiana Lee How to Help the Homeless Population During a Natural Disaster While natural disasters occur frequently, the general population receives alerts, evacuation information, and other resources from news channels, non-profit organizations, a…
    - 46 days ago 31 Jul 19, 5:46pm -
  • Teamwork and Survival – The Next Generation Show
    Preppers put a lot of stake in their ability to go it alone. To survive without the help of others. But with family in tow, it’s hard to make that fantasy a reality. So what’s the solution? Teamwork. This week on the Next Generation Show, we will…
    - 48 days ago 30 Jul 19, 3:16pm -
  • I AM Liberty Show -The Fertilized Podcast
    Listen to “The Fertilized Podcast With I AM Liberty” on Spreaker. Sometimes life invades your best-laid plans. On this episode of the, I AM Liberty Show you are going to get an unfiltered conversation as I work in my garden. To be clear, I am bas…
    - 49 days ago 29 Jul 19, 1:59pm -
  • On The Objective – Homesteading and Preparedness Roundtable 9
      Join your host Steven Menking as he welcomes James Walton for another powerful roundtable discussing preparation and homesteading. Our conversation this month focuses on organization. What kinds of organization techniques work best? What happens w…
    - 53 days ago 25 Jul 19, 10:22am -