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  • TGA- AR15’s: Starter Rifle
    I want to buy an AR15 but I have no idea where to start and what to buy.... The post TGA- AR15’s: Starter Rifle appeared first on .
    - 11 days ago 11 Jul 19, 11:44pm -
  • Is Prepping Dead?
      Something is happening. All over the nation, online and off, people are asking the same question:Is prepping dead? The Great Fall of Prepping Have we witnessed “peak prepping” in this nation? The Swedes are gung ho and their government is supp…
    - 15 days ago 7 Jul 19, 2:05pm -
  • Early Onset Survival: Why Kids Need to Learn Prepping Skills
    When I look at what it means to be successful as a prepper or as a parent, all I have to do is look at my kids. The areas where I have failed present themselves on occasion. Usually, it’s through insult or injury. Sometimes both. But the successes…
    - 26 days ago 27 Jun 19, 11:18am -
  • Late Planting for Preppers – The Next Generation Show
    We’ve suffered like much of the rest of the country when it comes to the garden out back. Luckily, our losses aren’t quite as significant as the farmers who have millions of dollars on the line. Here in the Pacific Northwest, the wheat, barley an…
    - 27 days ago 25 Jun 19, 7:40pm -
  • Emergency Food Storage for Natural Disasters
    No one is to blame. We are living in a world of hyper convenience where, only recently, through the gift of information and flow of technology have we come to understand the severity of the threats that we face. We see hurricanes, war and terrorism i…
    - 28 days ago 24 Jun 19, 1:05pm -