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The Ukrainian Crisis: A Call For Solution

Ukrainian crisisBy A. Page

As the world begins to stack tragedy after tragedy, it can be difficult to keep up with the times.  Why just a few months ago, every headline was about Russia and the Ukraine, and now as the focus centers back toward the Middle East, its fair to say that not too many of us know what is going on in the Ukraine at the current moment. Aside from violence and retaliation, what matters most is the plan of action for recovering this situation.  Many have been proposed, and even those in play seem to be doing next-to-nothing.

For the most part, the political aspect of the issue has little but improved.  World leaders are still discussing and sharing their sympathies, but European and American forces and agencies have yet to make a stand.  As the violence continues, more and more fingers are being pointed at the EU (European Union).  The inability to act has enlightened various peoples to the fact that the EU contains forces that are not considering the economic interests and political cultures of the various nations it overlooks.

Furthermore, the question ‘Can we pacify Russian forces?’ has come into play.  As we know, Europe has stood tall with America and enforced harsh political sanctions against Russia.  Though that’s a step in the right direction, many believe ‘sanctions alone are no policy’.  And they’re right, though most people (European or American) feel adversely towards military action, a countries values become empty promises if no action upholds the morale. That doesn’t mean pumping arms and iron into one side or the other, it means enforcing humanitarian values on those who wish to disregard them.

Only time will tell, and it sure is taking a long time.  President Obama welcomed the Ukrainian President Poroshenko to the White House for a foreign affairs days.  His aim is to discuss efforts to pursue a diplomatic resolution to the crisis in eastern Ukraine as well as our continued support for Ukraine’s struggle to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity,” with Poroshenko.  Meanwhile, statues of Lenin are being pushed to the ground and Pro-Russian supporters are still seeking to terrorize the countryside.  Though this foreign affairs day went well, it’s hard to feel that any true progress has been made.  Though the United States has assured the Ukraine that we will stand by them as it pursues liberal democracy, no degree of comfort is offered.

The Ukrainian Crisis is sure to continue, but when will European and American leaders stand in the face of Russia? Surely, there must be something more than not inviting them to the lunch table.


Russian Warnings Against US Strikes on Islamic State in Syria Shocks Politicians

Strong words but is it just the same old saber rattling?

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Many people have gotten very confused with Russia over their latest warning. With a country that has spent many months upsetting governments around the world with their bullying tactics and illegal moves against the Ukraine, they have now warned America and President Obama over launching air strikes against Islamic State, Syria.

Hours after Barack Obama announced about an open-ended campaign of air strikes against Islamic State, Syria and its allies, Moscow retorted with an equally stern warning against such action.

The Syrian government, along with Moscow and Tehran warned that any attack on Syria without a UN sanction would be considered ‘an act of aggression’ although the announcement from President Obama gained a welcome response from Saudi Arabia and nine other Arab countries who gave pledges of support for any such action.

But the Syrian issue has always been a highly debated one, which meant that Obama’s announcement met different reactions. Iran expressed the suspicion of international coalition’s intention regarding their fight against root causes of terrorism.

Similarly, Russia said it would not support any military action without UN sanction. Russia made it clear that any unsanctioned action would be considered a violation of international law.

China responded ambiguously, stating that while it is appreciable to fight terrorism, sovereignty of each nation should be respected.

The Assad government in Syria retorted strongly, stating that any kind of action, which is not approved by Syrian government, would be considered an attack of Syria herself. Assad met the UN envoy in Syria and stressed on his commitment to fight terrorism. However, no comments were made upon the announcement of US President.

Experts suggest that as long as the air strike is confined exclusively to Isis, Syria will not feel the need to retaliate.

Many Americans are torn on any action by their armed forces. Some Americans believe any action would put America at a higher risk than they already are from home soil attacks while some believe the problem needs to be dealt with and dealt with now. In the UK a lot of people do not want their government to get involved. They fear that any help their armed forces and government give will put them at risk.

So with people undecided on what action to take, what should really happen and for a president who said when he came to power he wants to end all the fighting, is he not simply starting another battle?


How likely is our economic system going to crash?

According to Joshua Krause from The Daily Sheeple, economic collapse isn’t just likely, it WILL happen.

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I’ve even been saying this myself for years, as I’m sure many of you have as well.  But are we chicken little for warning everyone?  Personally, I’ve never attached a “date” to when the great collapse will occur, I’ve always considered it a “work in progress” collapse.  The fact is, we have been collapsing for years now and it’s getting exponentially worse.  Ask yourself this question: How is your purchasing power now compared to 10 years ago?  15?  20?