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PVC Survival Time Capsule: How to make one


Watch the Crazy Russian Hacker demonstrate how to make a PVC survival time capsule.  This is a simple yet very useful prep item to make.  It can be used as a bug out bag or as a survival cache to bury.  When it comes to a survival cache like this, there is no one size fits all when deciding which items to pack.  What you pack depends entirely on your personal needs and situation.

Here are a few ideas on what to pack in your PVC survival time capsule:

  • Survival gear
  • Gold
  • Cash
  • Guns and ammunition
  • Important papers, insurance documents, wills, etc…
  • Data storage devices such as flash drives, sim cards etc…
  • Time capsule project for your kids

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PVC survival time capsule


How to cut a rope with a rope

Watch this video as the Crazy Russian Hacker demonstrates how to cut a rope with a rope.  Now if you ever find yourself in a survival situation and needing rope with no knife or other sharp tools, you can use this trick to cut your rope.

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how to cut a rope with a rope


How to make a skivvy roll


Watch as the Crazy Russian Hacker demonstrates how to make a Skivvy Roll.

Why is it important to know how to make a Skivvy Roll?

When packing your bug out bag, space is extremely important and should be maximized to its fullest potential.  You only have so much volume that you can carry with you and you’ll need it for the rest of your gear.  This neat little trick will help you save a few precious cubic inches of space.

Yes, weight is just as important too, and you might be thinking why even bother bringing along extra clothes if you’re only going to be traveling for just a day.  Extra clothes are more important than you think, and your bug out bag should not go without at least one change of clothes.  Not only will you want to change should the clothes you are wearing get wet, but even in a SHTF situation hygiene is an important necessity that you shouldn’t overlook.  There’s a lot more to hygiene than just looking and smelling nice.  You’re going to sweat a lot in a bug out situation, and that sweat is breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses and fungi.  Having at least one change of clothes will offer you the opportunity to wash the soiled ones.  The extra cloth can also be used in other survival situations.  So don’t forget your skivvies!

Oh did I mention air travel?  If you like to travel light and avoid the hassles of checked baggage, then this will maximize your space for your carry-on.  All airlines have size restrictions for carry-on baggage and learning how to make a skivvy roll will help you meet those restrictions. Often times when I travel, I only have one carry-on and a laptop

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How to make a skivvy roll


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Zip Ties for Survival


If anything can be a strong contender against duct tape and w-d 40 for the worlds best fix-all then it’s gotta be zip ties.  Watch as Sensible Prepper demonstrates 19 uses and 5 tricks using zip ties for survival

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zip ties for survival

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Man Rescued from Burning Home In Fresno

Man Rescued from Burning Home In Fresno


Watch this amazing act of courage as this man runs into a burning home to rescue an elderly man.  It’s stories like this that help restore our faith in humanity.





Video:  Man Rescued From Burning Home In Fresno


Should Survival Skills Be Taught To Children In School?

Survival Skills Be Taught To Children

The debate on the existing education system has been raging for quite some time now. On one hand, it is true that school education teaches a lot of valuable knowledge that serves as a foundation for higher education with subjects such as math, reading, writing, etc…  But it is equally true that students severely lack in survival skills.  A closer examination of education system and modern requirement can lead to meaningful insight regarding the much discussed issue of whether children should be taught survival techniques at school.

The American education system is appreciable as it teaches a lot of educational subjects like math, science and English among others that are essential for a proper education.  These are basics of education and are absolutely vital if children are to become innovative scholars in their respective fields.  However, on second thought, in the process of teaching these disciplines, are we forgetting the life skills that are vital for survival?

The lack of survival skills among school-going children raises a big question about the education system.  While it is important to learn spelling, isn’t it equally or more important to know how to start a fire and what to do in an emergency situation?  Simple survival tactics can be of great benefit and add value to the student’s quality of life.  Survival tactics can also save lives in emergency situations.  In fact, in life-threatening situations, the theoretical concepts definitely come second to survival skills.

The balance is tricky to maintain.  Too much focus on either one can be harmful to the comprehensive development of our children. Also, questions can be raised if survival skills can be really taught in schools.  School students already have too much to learn and additional lessons may induce stress.  But an education that does not teach basic survival tactics can be considered incomplete.  Should a debate on whether or not survival skills be taught to children school be necessary, or should those skills be left to the parents to teach?


The Importance of Backup Generators

backup generatorsBy A. Page

Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, backup generators are essential survival tools for your homes or businesses.  If the power goes out in your home, obvious dangers present themselves.  This can be as simple as no lights, or as horrid as no stove to cook meals on, or worse yet, the food in the refrigerator.  From the business standpoint, interruptions to your functionality can cost you some serious cash.  Additionally, your business may utilize machinery that needs to function regularly to avoid damage.

Generally speaking, two main types of backup generators are available for purchase:

Portable Generator

These backup generators are smaller, thus portable. Easily moved from the garage to the home, you won’t have to plan where you’ll keep this generator. They can be more cost efficient for the homeowner, as you can plug a few things into these generators. Businesses would require much more pull for support, but this option is ideal for homeowners.  Portable generators are fueled by gasoline, so you should be sure to have carbon monoxide detectors in place.

Standby Generator

Standby generators can be quite the investment, but are ideal for businesses.  These backup generators are permanent additions to your office or workplace, and can support much more than a portable generator.  You won’t have to haul this generator anywhere, so the power-up is immediate.  However, similar concerns for carbon monoxide levels should be considered.  Propane, diesel, or gasoline are the main fuel of these generators, and if they are not properly vented you may hear the detector going off.

At home or at work, an emergency generator can seriously improve any power outage when it occurs.  Whatever your use, the goal is to keep your employees or families safe, and your business or home running as usual.  The investment is well worth the security.


Are you a Prepper or Survivalist?

Prepper or Survivalist

Prepper or Survivalist?

I get asked this question a lot.  But what people are really asking is “What really is a prepper, is that the same thing as a survivalist?”

A prepper, by definition, is someone who prepares.  Nothing more, nothing less.

It’s that simple.

But for argument’s sake, I’ll give some examples;  A homesteader is a prepper, so is a survivalist, so are first responders, and so is someone who has made a prudent choice to install a smoke alarm in their home and have an evacuation plan.

So what do all of those people have in common?  They all prepare for something in one form or another.

The question is sort of like asking “Is that a Humvee or is that a vehicle?”  Well, it’s both!  But not every vehicle is a Humvee, and likewise, not every prepper is a survivalist.  But all survivalists are preppers because they prepare.

Sure you can have whatever Adjective-Prepper you can think of like Doomsday Preppers, or  Homestead Prepper but that does not mean that every prepper has a homestead nor does it mean that they all believe in Doomsday.  Do we say Ice Road Trucker and automatically assume that all truckers drive on ice roads?  No, so then why should we believe every prepper is a “Doomsday” prepper?

Of course the media would like everyone to think that we’re all preparing for the end of the world, but we already know they’ll even throw their own people under the bus, or in front of a hurricane just to sell headlines.  (Don Henley’s Dirty Laundry comes to mind.) So I don’t put much faith in the opinions of the media.

But what about our confused government?  Here we have the Department of Homeland Security on one hand who considers us all as extremist groups while  FEMA actually tells us to prepare and have a 72 hour kit on and the CDC tells us to prepare for a zombie apocalypse.

The divide and conquer mentality is not surprising though. The concepts of self-reliance and individual preparedness is a threat to the powers that be.

Nowhere in the history of humankind has there ever been such a unified movement across the political spectrum.

Think about it, where else could you possibly see articles featuring the latest AR-15 accessories, the best gardening tips, news on peak oil, and how to knit a pair of socks all in the same place? It’s not always about zombie Apocalypses, doomsday asteroids, and alien invasions (domestic and intergalactic)

I’ve seen people new to the movement from every political persuasion say something like “I’m not a prepper, but I do prepare for_____”.…..

Oh you prepare do you? and you say your not a prepper? Hmmm, interesting.  Do you wear a seat belt? Own a gun? Have a smoke alarm?  Own insurance? Then you just might be a prepper! Welcome to our mighty band of misfits, welcome to the club of humanity.


Winter Survival Car Kit and which items to include

Winter survival car kit

Don’t get stranded without your winter survival car kit

By A. Page

As winter comes around, new situations and emergencies become possible. From frigid weather, to slippery roads the streets seem to be the most dangerous place for us to be in the winter. Unfortunately, work and obligations won’t stop just because the weather gets bad. In the event of an emergency, having a Winter Survival Kit for you car could ultimately save your life, and your passenger’s life.

Here is a list of things you should include in your winter survival car kit:

-A Shovel. If you’re put in a situation where you need to dig your car out of deep snow, you don’t want to be doing it with your hands.

-Road Salt or Cat Litter. This is great for traction, because after you dig yourself out,  you’re bound to have issues moving out of that spot.

-A Flashlight with Extra Batteries. If anything happens at night, you’ll want more than your cell phone light to illuminate the way.

-A First Aid Kit. This is an obvious one, if you are hurt in a crash or slide you’re going to want a first aid kit.

-Matches and Small Candles. Fire can sometimes be hard to attain in winter, having matches and candles ensures that even if your flashlight batteries all disappear, you have something to guide the way by.

-Raisins and Candy Bars. When blood sugars get low, it becomes harder to tolerate the cold. If you’re in a position where you have to wait for help, having something to keep your sugars up will prevent you from passing out.

-Back-Up Medications. If you have any special medications that you need every day, make sure you pack back up supplies so that you don’t miss a pill.

-Emergency Flares. Not all accidents happen close to town, and the further you go out of town the harder it is to see. Flares will make sure help can see you.

-Extra Blankets and Mittens. Or scarves and sleeping bags. If you find yourself sitting, or even off road, you must remain warm. Hypothermia can be a very real thing.

-Water. A heavy irony of winter is though you’re surrounding by water, you can’t drink any of it. Hydration is always important.

-Battery Powered Radio. If your phone isn’t charged and the car’s electrical systems have gone out, what are you going to do? Have a battery powered radio that you can contact the outside world with.

-A Pen and Pencil. If you need to write down important information, you’ll ahem the ability.

Depending on your needs, you may want to include more things than are listed here. When an emergency arises, its important to stay calm and in control of whats happening around you.  Call 911 if possible, and if you cannot make an educated decision on whether or not to leave your car.  If you decide you must leave your vehicle be sure to write down your name, address, and next destination.  Nothing could be more frightening that aid finding an abandoned car, and have no idea where the people are.  The most important factor of all, is remaining calm and collected. Overexertion helps no one, and your goal is to survive.


Flight MH370: Does The Malaysian Government Know What Really Happened?

Flight MH370The disappearance of flight MH370 has become one of the most talked about modern mysteries, leaving people puzzled on what happened on that tragic day.  Ever since the disappearance of Flight 370 there have been many experts who have come forward to give their opinion on what happened and there has even been a book written, but does the Malaysian government know more than they are letting on?

Some aviation experts have come forward and have claimed that the Malaysian government knows more about what happened on the day the plane vanished; some families of the missing passengers are convinced they know what happened.  So if some aviation experts believe the Malaysian government knows more, and the families feel there are secrets, what is the reason behind it?

Aviation experts and even the media have said that the Malaysian government delayed their actions in finding the plane.  It has also been reported that stories were changed a few times which left many people puzzled. While some believe there are secrets, others are claiming it could have been a military accident and was shot down by mistake. Some even believe the reason behind the confusion by the Malaysian government, and the different stories that came out, was due to the lack of knowledge on how to deal with such a unique situation.

So what happened to flight MH370?

There have been many theories on what happened to Flight 370, which include the plane was landed safely somewhere.  Other theories include the pilot knocked out his co-pilot and turned the oxygen off, while others claim the plane is at the bottom of the sea after the pilot decided to take his own life and take his passengers with him.

Security experts have said that if the pilot was talking about taking his own life, then the Malaysian government could be hiding important facts to save face.  Experts have said all the secrecy could be to stop the blame being put at their door, allowing an unstable pilot to carry on working.

Millions of dollars have been spent on searching for the plane but many believe the plane will never be found. So the question stands, does the Malaysian government know what happened to the plane? and if so, why are they not informing the governments around the world who are helping in the search and spending millions of dollars?  Families are also left in the dark, so if the government does know, then surely they have a right to find out what happened on that day.

Do you think the plane landed or do you think some of the families are right, the government of Malaysia does know more than they are letting on?