Preparing Your Children for School Disasters

Preparing Your Children for School DisastersBy A. Page

When it comes to your children, chances are you’ve already gone through some preparation steps to keep them safe during emergencies.  However, when your kids are at school you can’t always be there to guide them through every possible emergency.  Thats why its important to consider the possibilities, and be equipped with as much knowledge as you can.  Whether it be community violence that occurs close to the school, medical accidents, natural disasters, or terrorist threats; Its good to know the school’s policies and procedures.


When preparing your children for school disasters, Ask yourself these questions:

-What is the schools lockdown policy? Many schools have mandatory lockdown policies during certain disasters. Its absolutely vital you know this procedure because during a lockdown schools rarely let children out, or parents in.

-What hospital does the school call in a medical emergency? If your child is transported to the hospital, its helpful to know which one they will be going to. It will cut out a lot of stress in the event your child is injured.

-What is the schools evacuation plan? In the event that a disaster makes it too dangerous to remain inside the school, where will they take your child?

After you’ve answered these questions, sit down with your child and discuss their school schedule.  Ask them what obstacles they may encounter and formulate a the safest, quickest route for them to take in between classes. Having a map of the school for both you and your child can benefit both of you during an emergency.  Your children can plan and execute their routes, and you can always know the evacuation routes they plan on taking.

Beyond these plans, its also important to make a plan for yourself.  How will you handle your child being in an emergency?  Your first instinct as a parent is to run to the school and retrieve your child, but that’s not always plausible.  Create a plan to deal with the aftermath, both physically and emotionally for you and your child.  Some events can be traumatic and your job as a parent is to make sure that they don’t put a damper on your child’s development.

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