60 Car Pile up on HWY 41/45 (2013)


This enhanced D.O.T. footage from December 2013 on highway 41/45 near Germantown, Wisconsin gives us all a reminder to slow down during icy conditions. ALWAYS look way ahead and pay attention to the traffic ahead of you.  Give yourself plenty of time to slow down for incidents.

60 car pile up displays nothing but ignorance of the general motoring public

Accidents happen every year because of drivers going way too fast for conditions.  Thankfully everyone survived this crash with just a handful of injuries despite the number of vehicles involved.  But also notice how many people had gotten out of their vehicles and started walking in the path of these out of control vehicles.  One woman was not so lucky in this multi-vehicle accident in North Little Rock Arkansas just this week.  Apparently she had gotten out of her car and was struck by an oncoming vehicle.

If you find yourself in such a situation, first attempt to move your vehicle out of the path of traffic.  If your vehicle is immobile, if possible keep your seat belt on and stay put until first responders arrive.  If you must get out, evaluate your situation first.  Turn your hazard lights on and be as visible as possible.  Be aware of approaching traffic from all directions, move with caution and get as far away from the road as possible.

60 car pile up