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Should Bullying Be A Criminal Offense

should bullying be a criminal offenseBullying is one of the worst, and often times become the worst, thing that can happen to a child. In the old days, bullying was just limited to school but now, with modern technology, bullying can happen almost anywhere, which includes on the Internet on sites such as Facebook and on mobile phones through Skype and text messages.

As many adults will tell you, when they were a child and bullied at school it stopped when they got home.  Now, unfortunately, when a child is bullied they are not safe anywhere because the bullies have modern technology to hide behind and continue their appalling campaign.

All around the world and not just in America, bullying has increased.  With the rise in bullying sadly, it has turned to an increase in student suicides.  Countries such as the UK and America have reported a big increase in your people taking their own life due to being bullied and with one in three schoolchildren in America being bullied, parents are asking is enough being done?

It is estimated that a staggering 160,000 children avoid school each day in fear of being bullied at school, this means 160,000 children are not just missing out on education, those children are in fear of their lives.  35 percent of children are scared to go on the Internet because they have been threatened, showing how modern technology is being used by bullies to harass their victims.

In an ideal world, each child who is being bullied would report it, but according to reports, 64 percent of children who have been bullied do not report it and one in 10 students drop out of school through bullying.  This shows how serious bullying is in America and how alone children must feel.

With these shocking figures, Experts have been asking, is enough being done to combat bullying and should bullying of any shape or form being made a criminal offence with a custodial sentence.  Many parents of children who have been bullied, and adults who were bullied at school have said yes, however, some child experts have said more needs to be done to help people who have bullied children.

It may sound daft that some child experts are saying some bullies need to be helped, but according to these experts when someone becomes a bully there could be more to it. Some experts believe that when a child is bullying another child it could be to do with what is happening at home. This could be down to sexual abuse or physical abuse, and that is why some child experts believe that some bullies need treatment to get them back on track. However, a large portion of parents of children who have been bullied would like to see action taken again them, which includes a prison sentence.

With prisons in America already overcrowded, are the experts who believe children who have become bullies need help correct?  Are they right when they say there is more to being a bully than just wanting to cause another person harm, or are these people just do-gooders and do not understand the real problem.  Should the government look at building more juvenile detention centers  for young people or should they send children who have become bullies to military style boot camps?

With the number of children being bullied in America and with the increase in young children taking their own life, is it now time to take action and make bullying a criminal offence.  Should we listen to some experts and look into why a person becomes a bully and help them to change their ways and life?


Should Survival Skills Be Taught To Children In School?

Survival Skills Be Taught To Children

The debate on the existing education system has been raging for quite some time now. On one hand, it is true that school education teaches a lot of valuable knowledge that serves as a foundation for higher education with subjects such as math, reading, writing, etc…  But it is equally true that students severely lack in survival skills.  A closer examination of education system and modern requirement can lead to meaningful insight regarding the much discussed issue of whether children should be taught survival techniques at school.

The American education system is appreciable as it teaches a lot of educational subjects like math, science and English among others that are essential for a proper education.  These are basics of education and are absolutely vital if children are to become innovative scholars in their respective fields.  However, on second thought, in the process of teaching these disciplines, are we forgetting the life skills that are vital for survival?

The lack of survival skills among school-going children raises a big question about the education system.  While it is important to learn spelling, isn’t it equally or more important to know how to start a fire and what to do in an emergency situation?  Simple survival tactics can be of great benefit and add value to the student’s quality of life.  Survival tactics can also save lives in emergency situations.  In fact, in life-threatening situations, the theoretical concepts definitely come second to survival skills.

The balance is tricky to maintain.  Too much focus on either one can be harmful to the comprehensive development of our children. Also, questions can be raised if survival skills can be really taught in schools.  School students already have too much to learn and additional lessons may induce stress.  But an education that does not teach basic survival tactics can be considered incomplete.  Should a debate on whether or not survival skills be taught to children school be necessary, or should those skills be left to the parents to teach?