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5 Gallon Bucket Aeroponics DIY video for beginners

DIY 5 Gallon Bucket Aeroponics

Watch this video as Dennis McClung from Garden Pool shows how to construct your own DIY aeroponics system.

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5 gallon bucket aeroponics


Hydroponic Garden Tower – DIY


Watch this video as the narrator from Food Abundance shows how to build your own DIY hydroponic garden tower.

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Hydroponic Garden Tower


Raw Local Honey and Allergies

Raw honey and allergies

By A. Page

Honey is a favorite among children and tea-makers alike.  You may be surprised to find that the honey at the grocery store is no better for you than refined sugar.  The pasteurization process, whether it be heated or processed, kills all the good stuff; enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Worse yet, processed honey has lost the majority of its anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties.

Raw honey is without a doubt, a cut above the typical.  With everything intact, raw honey comes with many uses.  When you’re sick, raw honey can help to strengthen your immune system and soothe your sore throat.  On a daily basis, honey helps to calm nerves, relieve pain, and balance your blood sugar.  The benefits list for raw honey seems to be growing every year.  However, local raw honey holds yet another shining benefit: Protection from allergies.

Honey and Allergies:  how it helps

Regular raw honey can get this job, but local raw honey simply does it better. Why? Because local raw honey is made with pollen that have grown in your neighborhood and is able to introduce your body to these allergens at a level that won’t trigger your symptoms.  This allows your body to begin building an immunity, or rather, a tolerance to your triggers.  Typically, a few months prior to the allergy season you begin supplementing your meals with local honey to prepare for the coming torture.

The Food and Drug Administration estimates that about 36 million people in the United States suffer from season allergies. Though local raw honey isn’t a cure-all, it certainly can help you cut back on over-the-counter products for relief.  Furthermore, raw local honey is an amazing amenity we may not be seeing for too much longer.  When you purchase that local honey you’re helping your community.  The money you give them goes in their pocket, and where does it go from there?  Back into your own local economy.  In addition, Colony Collapse Disorder continues to remove worker bees from their queen and thus, the honey supply suffers.  Purchasing local raw honey supports your immune system, and helps your local beekeeper to support their bees, and thus- many ecosystems on our Earth.