The Importance of Backup Generators

backup generatorsBy A. Page

Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, backup generators are essential survival tools for your homes or businesses.  If the power goes out in your home, obvious dangers present themselves.  This can be as simple as no lights, or as horrid as no stove to cook meals on, or worse yet, the food in the refrigerator.  From the business standpoint, interruptions to your functionality can cost you some serious cash.  Additionally, your business may utilize machinery that needs to function regularly to avoid damage.

Generally speaking, two main types of backup generators are available for purchase:

Portable Generator

These backup generators are smaller, thus portable. Easily moved from the garage to the home, you won’t have to plan where you’ll keep this generator. They can be more cost efficient for the homeowner, as you can plug a few things into these generators. Businesses would require much more pull for support, but this option is ideal for homeowners.  Portable generators are fueled by gasoline, so you should be sure to have carbon monoxide detectors in place.

Standby Generator

Standby generators can be quite the investment, but are ideal for businesses.  These backup generators are permanent additions to your office or workplace, and can support much more than a portable generator.  You won’t have to haul this generator anywhere, so the power-up is immediate.  However, similar concerns for carbon monoxide levels should be considered.  Propane, diesel, or gasoline are the main fuel of these generators, and if they are not properly vented you may hear the detector going off.

At home or at work, an emergency generator can seriously improve any power outage when it occurs.  Whatever your use, the goal is to keep your employees or families safe, and your business or home running as usual.  The investment is well worth the security.