Preparing for deer season

Preparing for deer seasonWritten by A. Page

The deer hunting season is one that comes annually and every year gets thousands of people excited for the prospect of hunting a large buck or doe. There are hundreds, if not thousands of tips and products that assure you an optimal hunting season but as any seasoned hunter knows, you always know more than the magazines. It’s the fundamentals that count, and we tend to forget them:

1. Stay Consistent. Deer hunting is process whether you still hunt or sit in a stand.  It doesn’t matter what method you choose, but what does matter is that you pick one and stick with it. It’s easy to deter deer from an otherwise lucrative area when your methods are reckless.

2. Leave Excessive Electronics Behind. Create a meeting point if you’re going hunting with a group. Sure, the walkie talkies may seem like a great idea for safety but when your buddy rings you when you’re about to get the kill-shot, you’ll wish you’d left the toys behind.

3. Practice Before You Hunt. So you’ve got an awesome new gun with a great scope? That’s all fine and dandy but make sure you consistently practice before you head out on the hunt. You’ve been waiting all year for the chance of nailing a huge buck and you don’t want to miss it because you’re not acquainted well enough with your weapon.

4. Come prepared. This seems basic, but you’d be astounded at the amount of hunters who don’t bring enough food and water. Don’t get lazy, and always pack for a full day of hunting, even when you think you’ll only be out for a few hours. The big bucks don’t wait around for your lunch break to be over, and you may be putting more hours on the stand than you thought.

The biggest mistake we make as hunters, is assuming we know it all. Deer are wild animals, and at the end of the day no television special or research analysis is going to detail or predict their behavior. Always be open to learning new tactics and take in advice. If you think you’ve got it all figured out, chances are you’ll be pretty hungry this winter.