Flight MH370: Does The Malaysian Government Know What Really Happened?

Flight MH370The disappearance of flight MH370 has become one of the most talked about modern mysteries, leaving people puzzled on what happened on that tragic day.  Ever since the disappearance of Flight 370 there have been many experts who have come forward to give their opinion on what happened and there has even been a book written, but does the Malaysian government know more than they are letting on?

Some aviation experts have come forward and have claimed that the Malaysian government knows more about what happened on the day the plane vanished; some families of the missing passengers are convinced they know what happened.  So if some aviation experts believe the Malaysian government knows more, and the families feel there are secrets, what is the reason behind it?

Aviation experts and even the media have said that the Malaysian government delayed their actions in finding the plane.  It has also been reported that stories were changed a few times which left many people puzzled. While some believe there are secrets, others are claiming it could have been a military accident and was shot down by mistake. Some even believe the reason behind the confusion by the Malaysian government, and the different stories that came out, was due to the lack of knowledge on how to deal with such a unique situation.

So what happened to flight MH370?

There have been many theories on what happened to Flight 370, which include the plane was landed safely somewhere.  Other theories include the pilot knocked out his co-pilot and turned the oxygen off, while others claim the plane is at the bottom of the sea after the pilot decided to take his own life and take his passengers with him.

Security experts have said that if the pilot was talking about taking his own life, then the Malaysian government could be hiding important facts to save face.  Experts have said all the secrecy could be to stop the blame being put at their door, allowing an unstable pilot to carry on working.

Millions of dollars have been spent on searching for the plane but many believe the plane will never be found. So the question stands, does the Malaysian government know what happened to the plane? and if so, why are they not informing the governments around the world who are helping in the search and spending millions of dollars?  Families are also left in the dark, so if the government does know, then surely they have a right to find out what happened on that day.

Do you think the plane landed or do you think some of the families are right, the government of Malaysia does know more than they are letting on?