How to make a skivvy roll


Watch as the Crazy Russian Hacker demonstrates how to make a Skivvy Roll.

Why is it important to know how to make a Skivvy Roll?

When packing your bug out bag, space is extremely important and should be maximized to its fullest potential.  You only have so much volume that you can carry with you and you’ll need it for the rest of your gear.  This neat little trick will help you save a few precious cubic inches of space.

Yes, weight is just as important too, and you might be thinking why even bother bringing along extra clothes if you’re only going to be traveling for just a day.  Extra clothes are more important than you think, and your bug out bag should not go without at least one change of clothes.  Not only will you want to change should the clothes you are wearing get wet, but even in a SHTF situation hygiene is an important necessity that you shouldn’t overlook.  There’s a lot more to hygiene than just looking and smelling nice.  You’re going to sweat a lot in a bug out situation, and that sweat is breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses and fungi.  Having at least one change of clothes will offer you the opportunity to wash the soiled ones.  The extra cloth can also be used in other survival situations.  So don’t forget your skivvies!

Oh did I mention air travel?  If you like to travel light and avoid the hassles of checked baggage, then this will maximize your space for your carry-on.  All airlines have size restrictions for carry-on baggage and learning how to make a skivvy roll will help you meet those restrictions. Often times when I travel, I only have one carry-on and a laptop

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How to make a skivvy roll


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