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Island made from plastic bottles


Watch this video from Rose Robin in an interview with Richart Sowa as he describes his floating island made from plastic bottles.  Amazing how he’s constructed it and how the plants and trees tie everything together.

Now I’m thinking Kickstarter project to build a free country out in the Pacific Ocean where all that floating trash is. Of course if it’s successful no country would ever allow it to last very long.

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Island made from plastic bottles


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Plastic Bottle Mousetrap


For those of you who are looking for a humane way to deal with those pesky mice check out this video by Jong Chool Do as he demonstrates step by step how to build a plastic bottle mousetrap.  Oh did I say it was eco-friendly too?  One less plastic bottle for the landfill!

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plastic bottle mousetrap

Enjoy this video?  Each share helps the Youtuber who created it.  Pass it along!


Two Plastic Problems, and Their Solutions

Plastic ProblemsBy A. Page

Ditching the plastic can open up a new world for those looking to use more sustainable methods in everyday life. Momentum has been increasing for green methods in daily tasks.  For example, California’s SB270 is the nation’s first statewide ban on plastic bags.  Though environmentalists and manufacturers will still be fighting at the ballot, this movement is huge for the future of sustainable living.

Why?  Because often times when we replace the plastic, we put a product with greater strength and durability in its place.  Beyond our personal ergonomics, abandoning plastic makes for a world that our children can enjoy for generations to come.  Plastic is not biodegradable, and contributes largely to our nation’s landfills.  It takes times to transition a nation to a green lifestyle, but there are two main factors that are huge contributors to our waste: Plastic bags and containers.

How to take care of these plastic problems

  • Switch to Glass: Whether you’re replacing the way you get your milk, or looking to improve the objects you use in your home. Look around, even your water bottle is made out of harmful plastic.  Replacing the water bottle and sugar containers with glass counterparts, will help you help the environment.  Better yet, it will help your health.  Plastic bottles and containers, especially those we use for water, have been known to be hazardous to our health.
  • Follow Suit: Plastic bags aren’t helping anyone. Sure, your local grocery store may offer a paper option but for most, that idea is far fetched.  Purchase reusable shopping bags that are sturdy and durable.  It can be tempting to pick up the perm-plastic with fancy designs, but don’t.  Find utility bags that are fabric made and framed with small amounts of metal.  These bags will be with your for years.  Those perm-plastics?  After a few months you’ll be tossing them in the trash.

These two problems are the largest contributors to our wasteful lifestyle.  Replacing your plastic containers and plastic bags introduces a new way of life for you and your family.  Plastic isn’t just harmful to the environment, its harmful for humans too.  With a range of cancer causes chemicals and additives, working towards a plastic-free future is a goal we should all work on.