Cleaning With Salt Around The Home

cleaning with salt

Salt has many uses, including cleaning around the home

By A. Page

Salt has been a big part of the human experience.  From preserving meat back in the day, to seasoning our food in modern times, salt has been a big part of our lives for a very long time.  But what if we told you that you could use salt to clean your home?  As crazy as it sounds, salt is a great ingredient to clean with.  Not only is salt a gentle scrubbing agent, but it also acts as a booster and deodorizer.

Here are 7 ideas for cleaning with salt

Remove water rings on wooden tables by mixing salt and vegetable oil together to create a thin paste. Gently rub this thin paste on the rings and watch them dissipate in a matter of minutes.

Brighten up colored curtains and rugs by washing them in saltwater. This is as simple as adding a few sprinkles to your wash cycle. For those rugs that aren’t washable, try covering an old rag in a saltwater solution and patting it down.

Clean a glass coffee pot with ice cubes and salt. You know those coffee stains that are stained around the base? Swishing the ice and salt together helps pull up that left over scum.

Brass and copper can be difficult to keep shining. Mix equal parts of salt, vinegar, and flour to create a thick paste. Cover the object in this paste and let it sit for an hour. When you come back, buff the paste off and behold the finished product.

Stop wine stains in their tracks. Blot up as much of the spill as you can and then cover the spill in salt. The salt will help pull the remaining wine away from the fibers, where the stain is made. If its able to laundered, wash it in cold water afterwards.

Clean your sink drains by regularly pouring hot water with salt mixed in down the drains. Not only does stop the grease from building up, but it also acts as an air freshener and keeps nasty smells at bay.

Cut the grease out of cookware by taking a heavy duty scrubbing pad and salt to their surfaces. The salt is gentle enough to not damage their protective wares, and heavy duty enough to remove burnt grease.

Salt is one of those miracle minerals that will be with us throughout the years.  Whether it be on our food, or to clean our coffee pots, the uses are endless.  In fact, Reader’s Digest suggest that there are over 60 ways to utilize salt! But for now, these tips should help you around the house (for a fraction of the cost commercial supplies will cost you).

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