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How to find true south


How to find true south

How to find true southProper alignment is crucial for maximizing your solar panel’s efficiency. In this video, LDS Prepper shows a very simple way to find true south using a smart phone and Google Maps.

Other Resources

You can also use this tool from to find out how much sun you are going to get.

Here is an in depth article on how to find true south (or true north) from rimstar

Solar Electricity Handbook

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DIY Homemade Solar Panels

Homemade Solar Panels

homemade solar panels

This Youtuber has put together a great video series on how to build your own solar panels

Part 1 Here

Part 2 Here

Part 3 Here


Materials List

Solar Frame

Solar Cells

Solar Tabbing wire, Bus Wire, Diodes, Flux Pen

Slygard 184

Terminal Block (2 Terminal)

#12 Stranded Wire

100% Silycone Caulk

Tedlar Backing


More resources

Here’s a great blog post on a DIY solar panel for a remote off-grid property

A good Wiki-How article to build your own solar panel

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