Americans Are Asking Would President Obama Send His Children To Liberia

Obama Send His Children To Liberia

President Obama has shocked many Americans by announcing as a part of his administration’s Ebola Virus-response strategy, that the U.S. government is deploying as many as three thousand troops to the African nation of Liberia.

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Americans Are Asking Would President Obama Send His Children To Liberia

The official statement from White House stated that a Joint Force Command headquarter in Monrovia is to provide command to control support to U.S. military activities. This is a statement with all the troubles that are currently taking place; the American people did not want to hear.

Liberia is among the hardest hit nations from the recent outbreak of Ebola cases. U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) has already issued warnings to its personnel to avoid nonessential travel to Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia.

Sources reveal that combat soldiers and marines are ready to provide any assistance asked of them. It is believed that most of the assistance will be logistics and medial support through the building of hospitals. Official reports confirmed that military engineers on site would help to build makeshift hospitals in Liberia, which will treat infected health care workers.

However, concerns have been raised over the Ebola prevention. Obama told the members of the press that not acting swiftly enough could result in increased risk of the virus in the rest of the world including the United States. But the move could overshadow an equally pressing campaign against ISis, experts say.

According to the reports from the World Health Organization, the current Ebola Virus outbreak has infected at least 4,900 Africans and cause at least, 400 deaths.

Ebola prevention, without a shadow of doubt is one of the most perilous contemporary global crises. However, with President Obama reducing the armed forces numbers and with the armed forces being overstretched as it is, and with parents and families worried about their loved ones, is this really the right move?

Many parents have asked, with the risk to their sons and daughters and the possibility of them catching the deadly virus, would President Obama who is asking these brave men and women to help with this serious problem, would he send his children to a place that carries such a huge risk?