Tips to the Perfect Compost

Perfect Compost

Composting is easy, but don’t take it for granted

By A. Page

Compost is one of the best methods for fueling your plants with healthy soil.  It all starts at the root, and it’s a fact of life that the best vegetables and fruits are grown from the base up with compost.  Though the concept is simple enough, but there are a few things you should pay attention to.  Sometimes things can be so easy that we forget to apply ourselves at all.  Compost is one of those easy tasks, that we tend to take for granted.

The Container

Be realistic with yourself.  How much compost do you need to make?  Make sure your container is constructed in accordance with your needs.  Beyond size, look into making sure you container can contain heat and moisture.  Of course you will need to attend it, but most of the process will need to happen on its own.  Ask yourself, how many ingredients do you have available?  How much land will the finished product need to cover?

The Ingredients

When you’re using a simple containment system, its best to leave meats and dairy out of the mix.  These foods attract animals and pests to your compost, and slow the process of it all. Brown matter such as wood chips, dry leaves, and thinly shredded newspaper are one side of simple compost.  The other being green plant matter from kitchen waste and grass clippings.

Stay Involved

Yes, most of the process is done on its own but its important to remember that what’s taking place is a process, and deserves a bit of your attention.  To get the best results possible, make sure you mix the ingredients and check the moisture.  You don’t want your compost getting too dry, as many stages can be stalled.  If you’ve gotten to a point where your compost needs some repair, purchase organic garden soil to turn into the mix and reinvigorate the compost.

Composting is the process of decomposing organic material.  So even though it can be easy to over think it, don’t.  Doing these simple things to keep your compost healthy will assure your plants the best blooming and harvest.  Though this isn’t a guarantee that your neighbors will be peering over the fence to get a gander, it is guaranteed that your plants and vegetables will be much healthier for you and your family.